Tutorial: TR-18

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[An Ursus Civilian spawns from the top-left Incursion Point, followed by an Infected Patrol Captain who promptly attacks the Civilian with a ranged attack and an Ursus Mangler from the upper-right Incursion Point.]
<Game paused>
Dobermann Today's training is focused on evacuating civilians from a combat zone. Civilians are easy targets for collateral damage. Survey the field! Keep your eyes open!
Beagle G-Got it!
[The Civilian is highlighted.]
Dobermann Next, we'll simulate an attack on the residents here by armed enemy forces.
Civilian(?) H–Help me! (Overly realistic recording)
Dobermann Erm.
Jessica So now we should... Should we do like Blacksteel taught us?
Dobermann I'm not sure what Blacksteel training is like.
[The Protection Objective is highlighted.]
Dobermann But for Rhodes Island, protecting the civilians and letting them retreat to the Protection Objective, as well as eliminating the enemy before they can harm the civilians are both viable options.
[The Civilian is highlighted again.]
Dobermann But be careful! The enemy has deployed so all their ranged attacks prioritize the civilians.
[The Life Point counter is highlighted.]
Dobermann The loss of a civilian is a blow to our tactical planning, which normally results in Map HP Seal loss.
Ansel Alright, Beagle! You block those enemies and I'll heal you!
Jessica Then let me handle the simulated enemy!
<Game unpaused>
[Beagle, Ansel, and Jessica are deployed; note that Beagle does not block the Civilian and she, along with Jessica, do not attack them, but Ansel does not heal the Civilian. Regardless, they managed to dispatch the Patrol Captain and Mangler as the Civilian made it to the Protection Objective. Another Civilian spawns from the upper-right Incursion Point, but they are stopped by a Static Roadblock close to the Protection Objective.]
<Game paused>
[The Static Roadblock is highlighted.]
Dobermann The enemy set up these Static Roadblocks to stop the civilians. Look out! The enemy will catch them quick like this!
Jessica! What should you do at a time like this?
Jessica Oh?! I should... destroy the obstacle and clear a path?
Dobermann That's right!
Jessica But there's not enough time to redeploy...
Blaze(?) So then, *clank clank* (sound of a heavy object hitting the ground)
Let's leave it to Blaze! (Clumsy imitation of PRTS voice)
Dobermann ...What...
Jessica Oh, right, it'll work if we have Blaze covering the other lane!
Blaze(?) No problem, let me clear out that roadblock! (Clumsy imitation of PRTS voice)
Dobermann Anyway... that's pretty much how it goes. Don't let your guard down!
<Game unpaused>
[The player deploys Blaze to destroy the Static Roadblock before the newly spawning Patrol Captains can get to the Civilian, clearing the path for them to head into the Protection Objective, and the rest of the enemies are killed by Blaze.]