Yan: Bastion Amid Precipices

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This article pertains to a subject that is not yet released in the Global server of Arknights.
Unofficial English translations provided by PHOTON563.
Bastion Amid Precipices
CN: Hypothetical Target
Bastion Amid Precipices map.png
The wandering bandits once again gathered a strong force, this time their target was the relatively weakly defended mountain pass. If this pass is lost, the people will be in danger. Please lend a helping hand before reinforcements from Yumen arrive!
<Condition> DP will not regenerate naturally.
<Yumen Catastrophe Defenses> Units placed here deal more damage to ground units and take less damage from ground units
<Roadblocks> Blocks multiple enemies


Sanity Orundum EXP LMD
0 ~ 25 0 ~ 370 0 ~ 250 0 ~ 250
Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
10 50 10 400
Static devices Roadblocks ×10


Frontline Battle Record


Normal Di Beast ×90, Raging Di Beast ×96, Shanhaizhong Skirmisher ×47, Shanhaizhong Vigilante ×13, Shanhaizhong Relayer ×16, Shanhaizhong Harbinger ×20, Shanhaizhong Desperado ×10, Shanhaizhong Phalanx ×55
Elite Shanhaizhong Ringleader ×9, Shanhaizhong Secret-Keeper ×10, Shanhaizhong Seer ×4, Shanhaizhong Oracle ×9, "Wallbreaker" ×3, "Fortbreaker" ×12, "Sandwalker" ×2, "Sand Voyager" ×4