Siesta: New Hotel Avenue

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This article pertains to a subject that is not yet released in the Global server of Arknights.
Unofficial English translations provided by PHOTON563.
New Hotel Avenue
CN: Rotating Mission
New Hotel Avenue map.png
Tourists never stayed here, but took away the ballads and wine here. They also want to take away those soft and fluffy dreams, but the dreams have dissolved into yesterday's evenings breeze. See those fluffy creatures? Once again, let’s catch them.
<Condition> DP will not regenerate naturally.
<Decorative Geyser> Units standing around it are unaffected by vapor, and will produce Pure White Steam when attacking.
<Steam Soda Bottles> When defeated, creates Pure White Steam in the surrounding area.


Sanity Orundum EXP LMD
0 ~ 25 0 ~ 370 0 ~ 250 0 ~ 250
Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
10 50 10 400
Deployable devices Steam Soda Bottle
Static devices Decorative Geyser ×3


Frontline Battle Record


Normal Hot Spring "Mischievous Rascal" ×249, Fashion Street "Hearty Heavy" ×69, Hot Spring "Wandering Vagrant" ×17, Fashion Street "Ordinary Aviator" ×23, Urban "Whirlwind Walker" ×14
Elite "Big Fella" ×12, Fashion Street "Stellar Caster" ×15, "Fluffy Buddy" ×51
Boss Dolly, "Sovereign of Sheep"
Additional information
  • Fashion Street "Hearty Heavies" spawned from Urban "Whirlwind Walkers" are excluded from the enemy counter.
  • Hot Spring "Mischievous Rascals" spawned by "Big Fellas" and from Urban "Whirlwind Walkers" are excluded from the enemy counter.