Tutorial: BI-TR-1

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[Cardigan is deployed next to the lower Protection Objective.]
<Game paused>
Dobermann While fighting in the bitter cold, all combatants will be affected to some extent, even the warriors of Kjerag.
<An Icefield Warrior ahead of Cardigan is highlighted> Units on an Icy Surface will periodically be chilled, inflicting them with the Cold status and reducing their ASPD.
Let's try to strike our enemies now –– before Snowfall begins.
<Game unpaused>
[(The player deploys Kroos close to the aforementioned Icefield Warrior) Kroos engages the Warrior just as the snow falls and both Cardigan and the Warrior are suddenly Frozen.]
<Game paused>
Dobermann During Snowfall, all enemies and allies will periodically be afflicted with the Cold status.
Kroos Looks like someone over there got frozen into solid ice...
Dobermann A unit affected by Cold will instead be Frozen if chilled again.
Frozen units are unable to act and have reduced RES.
Kroos I see, I see~ Where's li'l Lava? Come help out over here~
Lava Don't call me that! Hmph, looks like these ice cubes need a good roasting.
<Game unpaused>
[(The player deploys Lava close to Kroos) Lava engages the Warriors just as a Metal Crab spawns from the lower left Incursion Point and moving to the undefended upper left Protection Objective. Shaw is quickly deployed next to the said Objective.]
<Game paused>
Dobermann Looks like a longer snowstorm is incoming. We'd better get ready to evacuate.
Before that though, let's brush up on some physics knowledge that'll surely come in handy for future operations. I invited Shaw for a special demonstration.
Shaw <The Metal Crab, which is next to a hole, is highlighted> InstructorDobermann, youwantme topushthatMetalCrab intothepit, right? Evenifthecrab isprettylight, I'mnotsure Icancoverthatdistance.
Dobermann Don't worry. Just wait for the Metal Crab to become Frozen before pushing it.
If Frozen enemies are affected by a shift effect while on an Icy Surface, the strength of the displacement will be greatly increased. If the terrain allows for it, make use of this knowledge to eliminate difficult enemies in one fell swoop.
<Game unpaused>
[(The player activates Shaw's skill when the Metal Crab is in range) Shaw sends off the Metal Crab into the hole as Kroos and Lava eliminates the remaining Icefield Warriors.]