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Aurora is a 5★ Duelist Defender who specializes in DPS and Defense. As a Duelist Defender, Aurora can only block a single enemy but has a very high ATK to offset this and a range of the tile in front of her as with most melee Operators. However, Aurora's DP cost is staggeringly high (32 at Elite 2) and she can only recover/restore SP while blocking enemies, making Aurora's skills charged up at an achingly slow rate outside of combat.


Frigid Respite gives Aurora HP regeneration while her SP is at most 50% of the maximum but stops her from attacking.

  • Despite the drawback, Frigid Respite can actually help Aurora charge her skills quicker (remember that Aurora can still block enemies while Frigid Respite is active) and not defeating the enemy she is blocking too early, which is typically the case when she engage enemies with low HP and/or DEF.


  1. Homeland Protector buffs Aurora's DEF to among the highest of all Operators, increases her block count by two, and gives her Status Resistance while active, but temporarily Stuns Aurora upon expiring.
    • Homeland Protector should be used with caution, as while it would allow Aurora to withstand more attacks and Negative Statuses as well as blocking more enemies, one is in for a big trouble if she fails to clear out the hostiles when it expires, since the survivors can slip past her!
  2. Artificial Snowfall uses the ammunition mechanic with 9 "ammo" which buffs Aurora's ATK and causes her attacks to inflict Cold to the target for a short time, and greatly increases the damage she dealt against Frozen enemies in each attack, but increases her attack interval.
    • Artificial Snowfall allows Aurora to inflict massive damage to enemies, particularly those with high HP, while leaving them helpless due to the Cold and eventual Freeze, and an excellent choice to counter strong bosses — so long as they are not immune to Freeze, of course.
    • The Ammunition mechanic gives some freedom to decide whether Artificial Snowfall would be worth using or not.

Operator Module

The HES-X Module, Shield Photography Module, allows Aurora to recover SP at 20% of the normal rate while not blocking enemies in addition to increasing her maximum HP and ATK. Once upgraded, Frigid Respite's HP regeneration rate is increased.

Base skill

Defender Expert α speeds up the skill Mastery training of Defenders by 30% while Aurora is assigned as the trainer in the Training Room. At Elite 2, Defender Expert α becomes Polar Survival which speeds up the training further by 45% if it is for Mastery 1.


Aurora is a solid Duelist Defender who can handle both offensive and defensive roles effectively so long as she is properly supported, as well as providing a limited crowd-control.