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A Savra ex-mercenary with an unknown background known only under the alias 12F, he has been involved in various conflicts around Terra during his time as a mercenary and has an aptitude for offensive Originium Arts in combat. Taciturn yet friendly, 12F enlisted himself for Rhodes Island after the Chernobog Crisis as one of its frontline personnel.

12F makes a cameo appearance in EG-5, the epilogue of Episode 08.


12F is a 2★ Splash Caster given as one of the first clear rewards of TR-6. As an Splash Caster, 12F's attacks do area-of-effect Arts damage to enemies in the adjacent tiles to the target with high ATK and a range of 2×3 tiles with a 1-tile extension in front, but have high attack interval and DP cost, though he surprisingly has quite high HP. Being a 2★ Operator, 12F cannot be promoted and is stuck at the maximum level of 30.


Dodge Rate Up allows 12F to dodge Physical attacks 50% of the time.

  • Dodge Rate Up is one of the best sources of Physical dodge, allowing 12F to withstand attacks from even the strongest of enemies (including Patriot's special attack!) so long as the player is lucky enough to have it work as expected.
  • Even better, stacking Dodge Rate Up with other Physical dodge sources (e.g. Deepcolor's Visual Trap) will allow 12F to dodge most, if not all incoming Physical attacks!

Base skills

  1. Clue Search β increases the clue search rate by 20% while 12F is assigned to the Reception Room.
  2. Training Record increases the byproduct rate of Chip/Chip Pack processing by 70% whike 12F is assigned to the Workshop.


Overall, 12F is a good Splash Caster for earlier operations, but as the player progresses, his higher rarity counterparts will perform better. Still, his low DP cost and the ability to dodge most, if not all Physical attacks can be useful at times.