Tutorial: WB-TR-1

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<Game paused>
Jessica T-This is Yumen? The Catastrophe defenses are huge...
<Game unpaused>
[A Di Beast appears.]
<Game paused>
Dobermann What are you looking at? The enemy is attacking. Get ready!
Jessica Alright...
Beagle I'll help too, Instructor Dobermann!
<Game unpaused>
[Beagle is deployed to block the Di Beast, allowing Jessica to fire at it as a second appears. Notice that Jessica deals more damage than usual.]
<Game paused>
Beagle Am I imagining things, or is your shooting sharper than usual?
Dobermann You're not. There's a Yanese saying that he who has the high ground has half the battle won.
Yumen's Catastrophe defenses are very tall. Operators on them will deal increased damage to enemies on the ground, and take reduced damage when attacked by enemies on the ground.
That's true for the enemy too.
<Game unpaused>
[The second Di Beast is defeat as a third appears.]
<Game paused>
Jessica Wait, true for the enemy too?
Dobermann <The Ladder on the left side is highlighted> Yes. The enemy can climb using ladders, threatening our operators.
<The melee tile below the left Ladder is highlighted> It would be best to stop them before they reach the defenses.
Melantha I'll help you out.
<Game unpaused>
[Melantha is deployed below the left Ladder, preventing the third Di Beast from ascending into the Catastrophe Defenses from there. Not long after the Di Beast is defeated however, a Shanhaizhong Ringleader shows up and goes around Melantha (who didn't notice them due to being invisible) to ascend into the Defenses through the left Ladder.]
<Game paused>
Jessica The enemy is coming around!
Dobermann <The Roadblocks – not to be confused with the deployable one – in front of Jessica is highlighted> Don't panic, Roadblocks on some of the bulwarks will slow the enemy, giving us time to defeat them.
Jessica Alright, I-I'll do my best...
Kroos I'll help too!
<Game unpaused>
[Kroos is available for deployment. [The player deploys Kroos on the lone Defense in the center, facing up] The Ringleader was halted by the Roadblocks and tries to break it down to reach Jessica as a fourth Di Beast spawns, but the Snipers managed to gun down the Ringleader before they could destroy the Roadblocks as Melantha cuts down the Di Beast.]