Tutorial: SV-TR-1

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[A pack of three Deep Sea Sliders appear from the Incursion Point close to Noir Corne, who promptly blocks them. Note that a circular meter is displayed on Noir Corne as the Sliders attack him.]
<Game paused>
Dobermann Today, we will be learning how to respond to unconventional injuries.
We've invited Operator Noir Corne to demonstrate in the simulation for us. Much appreciated, Noir Corne.
Noir Corne No problem, Instructor.
Watch. These enemies might look real weak, and normally for my defenses, I'd say blocking them's a piece of cake.
Dobermann But don't underestimate the enemy! These... weird monsters from I-don't-know-where can cause extra kinds of special nervous impairment!
Noir Corne That's right. Although nervous impairment won't directly harm us, it can ignore equipment defense functions and keep accumulating, and once it passes a certain threshold, it'll bring about some serious negative effects.
<Game unpaused>
[Eventually the Sliders' attacks cause the meter, which displays the amount of Nervous Impairment accumulated, to be depleted, and as soon as the meter depletes, Noir Corne loses a significant amount of HP and become stunned.]
<Game paused>
[The stunned Noir Corne is highlighted.]
Dobermann As accumulated nervous impairment exceeds his tolerance, Noir Corne receives a great amount of True Damage that ignores defensive equipment, as well as a prolonged stun!
<Game unpaused>
[The Sliders move past the stunned Noir Corne and approaches Beagle, who is defending the nearby Protection Objective.]
<Game paused>
Dobermann Normal treatment methods cannot cure Operators' accumulated nervous impairment, which requires a particular manner of treatment to be carried out.
[An Emergency Aid Building close to Beagle is highlighted.]
Dobermann Do you see those constructions like bell towers? Those are Iberia's Emergency Aid Buildings, and can discharge a spray that persistently treats nervous impairment.
<Game unpaused>
[Jessica is deployed next to the Emergency Aid Building, and it tolls as the Building emits a yellowish aura to its vicinity.]
<Game paused>
[Jessica is highlighted.]
Dobermann The Emergency Aid Building requires us to deploy an Operator adjacent to it in order to activate.
[A large radius surrounding the Emergency Aid Building is highlighted.]
Dobermann After activation, this aid installation discharges a medical spray within a large area, continuously treating Nervous Impairment received by our allies.
<Game unpaused>
[The Sliders are blocked by Beagle as Jessica fires at them. Note that Beagle's Nervous Impairment meter slowly fills itself over time due to the Emergency Aid Building's aura, giving her enough time to hold off the Sliders as Jessica guns them down. Shortly afterwards, three more Sliders spawn from a nearby Incursion Point and heads to the undefended Protection Objective on the lower left corner.]
<Game paused>
Dobermann Another wave of enemies has arrived, moving on a different path! Remember, activate Emergency Aid Buildings to respond to nervous impairment from these creatures! The rest is up to you all to handle!
Everyone Roger!
Dobermann Ah, Operator Noir Corne... wait, can a simulation really make you faint?
<Game unpaused>
[The player deploys Cardigan on the Sliders' path within the nearby Emergency Aid Building's range and deploys Melantha next to the Building and within Cardigan's reach, activating the Building and allows her to slice the Sliders as they are blocked by Cardigan. In the end, all Sliders are eliminated.]