Tutorial: BI-TR-2

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[Several Icefield Arts Fighters gather up in a formation.]
<Game paused>
Matterhorn These special enemies are particularly dangerous. We absolutely cannot let them through.
Seems like we're in for a rough snowstorm.
The Penetrating Cold that comes with a snowstorm will push enemies in a certain direction. We might be able to work some wonders if we can coordinate this effect with the terrain.
Hmm? The direction of the wind... might let us use the pitfalls here to secure our victory.
<Game unpaused>
[(The player deploys Matterhorn next to the Protection Objective) The Arts Fighters move in and stopped by Matterhorn just as a boreal wind blows to the north, Freezing them all and blasting some Arts Fighters into the holes on the upper left. Another boreal wind pushes the remaining Arts Fighters into the holes. More Arts Fighters spawn, including one from the Incursion Point on the right.]
<Game paused>
Dobermann <An Icy Corner is highlighted> This special type of Icy Surface is called an Icy Corner, and can change the direction an enemy moves when affected by shift effects.
Take advantage of this terrain to gain the upper hand when fighting tough enemies.
<Game unpaused>
[Wild Mane is deployed on the lower left to stop the Arts Fighters moving from the right. (The player activates Wild Mane's skill) As the Arts Fighters move in, the ones on the left managed to knock out Matterhorn but are blasted into their oblivion by the boreal wind while Wild Mane pushes away the Arts Fighters with her attacks; note that those in the Icy Corner is shifted to the right when Wild Mane attacks them and the boreal wind starts. Either way, the remaining Arts Fighters are pushed into the hole on the right.]