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Will Amiya become a savior or destroyer of all Terra? It's all up to you, Doctor. It's all up to you.

A young Rim Billitonian Chimera, partially (and mostly) a Cautus, under the care of Babel whose background remains a mystery, not helping that much of her biographical information is classified, Amiya is the figurehead of Rhodes Island, Babel's successor, and a capable leader despite being around 14 years old by the time Arknights take place as well as a formidable caster whose manifestation of Arts, unlike other known casters, have a darker appearance. Together with Kal'tsit and the recently awakened Doctor, Amiya firmly leads R.I. through the Chernobog and Victorian Crisis, and the shadow of Originium that haunts Terra.

Later it is revealed that Amiya is the "successor" of Theresa, the Sarkaz King of Kazdel who perished during the recent civil war in Kazdel years before Arknights take place, making her the only known Sarkaz King who is actually not a Sarkaz herself – an "Outblood King" as the Revenants call her, inheriting her powers including the ability to tap into the emotion of others and control them to some degree, although much of them are sealed by the ten rings she wore. As the story progresses, it is highly implied that Amiya is the legendary "Lord of Fiends" in the Sarkaz eschatology who are prophesied to be the harbinger of apocalypse with the ability to invoke the powers of the previous Sarkaz Kings and marked by a black crown over their head. Will Amiya live up to the prophecy by bringing destruction to all Terra... or would she deliver salvation to the dystopic world instead?

Along with the Doctor, Amiya is the protagonist of the Main Theme. She also appears in various events and Operator Records.

Act initium

"Doctor! Doctor!"
Amiya leading Rhodes Island during the Chernobog riots
Amiya gets serious whenever the Doctor is in danger...
...as Skullshatterer learns it the hard way

Act I

Amiya speaking before the R.I. personnel before the infiltration of Chernobog
Amiya remains calm...
...as the towering Patriot is about to strike her down. Note the DWDB-221E over Amiya's head.
Amiya Guard Transformation.gif
To stand a better chance against Talulah/Kashchey, Amiya tapped into the memories of one of her "predecessors" Kollam and Ch'en's emotions. With these, Amiya decides to remove one of her ten rings to invoke her Sarkaz King powers, and created a greatsword named Ying Xiao (影霄; lit. "Shadow Firmament"), which is a "duplicate" of Ch'en's Chi Xiao but with a black blade as opposed to red and bears an uncanny resemblance to Kollam's sword Wrathful Cerulean Flame.[1] By doing so, Amiya traded the ability to use ranged Arts attacks with in favor of close-combat Arts swordplay that mimicked Ch'en's, and Amiya's right arm where she wielded Ying Xiao was covered in a vambrace identical to one worn by Kollam himself.[2]
The Firmaments of Crimson and Shadow, poised together in an unlikely match-up against a common foe
The Ying Xiao turned into ashes as Amiya dispels her Sarkaz King powers
Amiya, collapsed after unleashing her Sarkaz King powers
A serene moment between Amiya and the Doctor

Act II

Amiya interviewing Jane Willow aka. Saileach
"I won't let you through."
Amiya during the events of Episode 10 and 11
Amiya, Closure, and HRH Alexandrina of Victoria on the edges of Londinium
Amiya seeing the unthinkable: Theresa, who were supposed to have died, is alive and well before the Cautus' own eyes
"How dare you to show yourself before us, foul Outblood King?!"
"We hope you don't be the Lord of Fiends as told by the prophecy... but a Lord of Fiend you chooses to be."

Darknights Memoir

The younger Amiya under Babel's care before Arknights takes place

Heart of Surging Flame

Amiya in a summer outfit during the Siesta incident

Ancient Forge

Children of Ursus

Rewinding Breeze

Beyond Here