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A Sankta sharpshooter from Laterano with a carefree, easygoing attitude, Ambriel was enlisted as a Rhodes Island operator where she proves to be a good sniper, utilizing an outdated yet simple and effective long rifle in combat.


Ambriel is a 4★ Deadeye Sniper who specializes in DPS and Slow. As a Deadeye Sniper, Ambriel has high ATK and long range of 3×4 tiles with a 1-tile extension to the front and 3-tile extension to the sides when promoted to Elite 1, and target enemies with the lowest DEF over the others when attacking in return for high attack interval and DP cost — between Marksman and Artilleryman Snipers.


Precise Strike gives Ambriel's attacks a decent chance to momentarily Stun the target if they are outside her original range, thus Precise Strike is only relevant while Ambriel's skill is active as they all extend her range by various degrees.


  1. Snaring Shell extends Ambriel's range by 1×3 (1×5 tiles from Elite 1) tiles and causes her attacks to briefly Slow the target while active.
  2. Radar Sweep buffs Ambriel's ATK and causes her attacks to target enemies anywhere on the map with increased attack interval while active; if the target is outside her original range, the attack will also have a longer wind-up time.

Operator Module

The DEA-X Module, Portable Radar Equipment, increases the damage dealt by Ambriel against enemies who are further than 1 tile away from her up to 1.15× at 4.5 tiles and beyond in addition to increasing her maximum HP and ATK. Once upgraded, Precise Strike's proc chance is increased and its Stun duration is extended.

Base skills

  1. Laziness increases the morale recovery rate of Operators resting in the same Dormitory as Ambriel by 0.2 per hour but reduces her own morale recovery rate by 0.1/h.
  2. Order Distribution β increases Trading Post order acquisition rate by 30% while Ambriel is assigned to one.


Despite of the difficulties in using her effectively due to her quirky attacks and skills, Ambriel can be said to be the only "true" Sniper in Arknights who can snipe enemies from great distances before they can react and at times hold them at bay as well.