Operator gallery: Ambriel

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An outfit commonly worn by Operators.
While not as practical as a uniform, it's what they find most comfortable.
Elite 2
Ambriel Elite 2.png
An outfit that has been improved after the Operator's Promotion.
Custom-made to suit each Operator's experiences and needs, these outfits are designed to provide them maximum flexibility on any battlefield. Furthermore, this is all done without compromising the comfort that they've come to expect.
Holiday HD29
Ambriel Skin 1.png
One of Ambriel's summer outfits.
She should have made proper plans before setting off on her trip. Now, the blistering heat is right by her side while the shade is far away. She can only take in the sun while she figures something out.
MARTHE [Coral Coast] Casual Vacation Series HD29. Comfortable, relaxed, breathable, and lightweight. Allows you to enjoy a perfect beach experience in absolute relaxation.
The Black Forest Wills A Dream (Treehollow Stores, 350 Guiding Figurine.png)