Tutorial: TR-8

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Dobermann Sometimes, we may have an emergency situation and have to face the enemy with a limited number of Operators.
These enemies can attack very quickly. If you have sufficient DP, make sure you deploy Operators as soon as possible.
[(The player deploys Fang and Kroos who holds off the Soldiers and Originium Slugs spawning from the upper-left Incursion Point, but a Soldier spawns from the lower-right Incursion Point – very close to the Protection Objective) The Soldier is highlighted.]
Dobermann The enemy seems to have discovered that we are short-handed and are preparing to attack from two directions.
[The Roadblocks on the deployment menu are highlighted.]
Dobermann Luckily, there are some roadblocks that we can use. They have been placed on your operating panel now.
TR-8 Demonstration.png
Jessica Ah right! These roadblocks can block the enemy's movement and force them to change to a different path.
Dobermann Correct. Use them in appropriate locations, so you can concentrate your forces and establish a more solid defense.
[The tile recommended by PRTS to deploy a Roadblock is highlighted.]
Dobermann PRTS (Primitive Rhodes Island Terminal Service) will also recommend some locations for roadblocks based on the current battlefield landscape. Tap and hold at a location for more details.
Jessica No wonder I'm not needed anymore... Hmm.
[(The player deploys the Roadblock on the recommended tile, and the Soldier from the bottom-right Incursion Point is forced to take a longer way around, straight into Fang and Kroos, as more Soldiers spawn from the upper-right Incursion Point; both Operators defeated them all)]