Tutorial: TR-11

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Dobermann Welcome back, Doctor.
Please don't feel too bad about what happened in Chernobog... At least we rescued you. The mission was a success and our sacrifices were not in vain.
Together, we still have a long way to go.
That's why I want to show you some strategies that can be applied in the future.
On the battlefield, our Operators may not be able to defeat all enemies head-on. In many occasions, we need to use creative strategies to take them down.
By doing so, we can minimize our losses and preserve our strength for future operations.
[Fang and Hibiscus on the deployment bar are highlighted.]
Dobermann Deploy Fang and Hibiscus first to hold off the first wave of enemies.
[(The player deploys Fang and Hibiscus, the former of whom holds off the waves of Originium Slugs α until a Heavy Defender spawns from the central Incursion Point)]
Dobermann Doctor, please watch out for the enemy's elite units.
[The Heavy Defender is highlighted.]
Dobermann The Heavy Defender has high attack and extremely high defense. We won't be able to hold our defense once it merges with other enemy troops.
Fortunately, there aren't many enemy elite units. We can significantly weaken them before they arrive at the main stage.
The best way to deal with a large and slow enemy unit is to use a Slowing Supporter and a Single-target Caster Operator in tandem.
[Orchid on the deployment bar is highlighted.]
Dobermann As a Slowing Supporter, Orchid can greatly reduce enemy's move speed, thus slowing down its attack pace.
[Durin on the deployment bar is highlighted.]
Dobermann While the enemy is controlled, Single-target Casters like Durin can deal lots of damage to it.
[The two ranged tiles close to the Heavy Defender are highlighted.]
Dobermann Deploy them here to prevent the Heavy Defender from joining with other enemy units.
[(The player deploys Durin and Orchid, the latter of whom slows down the Heavy Defender in each hit which can be noticed as they moves, giving enough time for the former to kill them while Fang dispatches the rest of the incoming Originium Slugs α)]