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Feist is the grandson of Catherine, the supervisor of a Victorian military factory, and the descendant of a blacksmith family who once produced the armors of the legendary Steam Knights. In order to save the Londinium citizens from the hands of the Kazdel Military Commission, he stubbornly rebelled against his grandmother and joined Eartha, the "Self-Salvation Corps." Together with Rockrock and Clovisia, he has been leading the Eartha workers to recapture occupied regions through his handmade inventions such as tiny robots and drones. Following Rhodes Island's cooperation with Eartha during the Londinium crisis, Feist officially became one of R.I.'s mechanists codenamed "Stainless" and has since been a close assistance for Closure the chief engineer.

Stainless is a supporting character in Episode 10, long before he is introduced as an Operator alongside Episode 11 where he also acts as a supporting character.

Main Theme

Episode 10

Stainless, then known as Feist, during the events of of Episode 10
Closure and Feist, the two engineers of their respective factions, working together

Episode 11