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Stainless is a 6★ Artificer Supporter who specializes in Support and DPS. Unlike other Supporters, Stainless is a melee Operator who can only be deployed on melee tiles and uses a melee attack that deals Physical damage instead of other Supporters who are ranged Arts units with similar ATK and attack interval to Pioneer Vanguards, which also extends to his stats including a block count of two.

As an Artificer Supporter, having Stainless deployed allows the player to use Support Devices, which will be elaborated below.


  1. Battlefield Engineer has Stainless use either Stainless' Multifunctional Platforms or Prototypes of Feist's Metal Crab as his Support Device, which depends on the skill he is currently using. Stainless has two (three at Elite 2) Devices available in every deployment, and only one Device (up to two Devices from Elite 1) can be deployed at a time.
    • Unlike other Artificers, Stainless' Devices do not have limited duration.
  2. Cost Cutting gives a good chance that Stainless' Support Devices in the surrounding tiles to him are recovered (by replenishing the Device's deployment count) when destroyed.


  1. Extreme Firepower has Stainless use Stainless' Multifunctional Platforms that buffs the ATK of the friendly unit ahead of it as his Support Device. While active, the ATK of Stainless' attacks and the Platforms' ATK buff are increased, and one additional Platform will be given when Extreme Firepower is activated, but all deployed Platforms will self-destruct when the skill expires.
  2. Efficient Resupply has Stainless use Stainless' Multifunctional Platforms that periodically restores 1 SP to the friendly unit ahead of it but loses HP over time as his Support Device. While active, Stainless' ATK and DEF is buffed, his attacks hit multiple enemies equal to his block count, and the Platforms' SP restoration interval is reduced but their HP loss is doubled, as well as giving one additional Platform when Efficient Resupply expires.
  3. Prototype of Feist's Metal Crab has Stainless use the namesake as his Support Device. While active, Stainless' ATK and ASPD is buffed, and one additional Prototype will be given when the skill is activated.
    • Prototypes of Feist's Metal Crab are treated as if they are hostile objects, but does not take damage when attacked by friendly units, have an aggression level of -2 (meaning friendly units will target enemies over the Prototypes) and once attacked 5 times, the Prototype will lose some HP and fire a shot that deals a significant portion of Stainless' ATK as Physical damage to an enemy and a lesser portion to surrounding enemies. The Prototype also reduces the Physical damage taken by the friendly unit behind it and can be "repaired" by having Artificers (including Stainless himself) attack it.

Operator Module

The CRA-X Module, FMC-Crawler, increases the deployment count of Stainless' Support Device by 1 and reduces their DP cost by 1 (Stainless' Multifunctional Platform)/4 (Prototype of Feist's Metal Crab) in addition to increasing his ATK, DEF, and ASPD. Once upgraded, Cost Cutting's proc chance is increased and it also increases Stainless' SP recovery rate if at least one of his Support Devices is in the surrounding tiles to him.

Base skills

Stainless' base skills improve upgrade material processing efficiency while he is assigned to the Workshop.

  1. Heart to Heart reduces the morale drained when processing upgrade materials that drains 4 or more morale by 1 for every 10 Operators resting in Dormitories whose morale is at most 12.
  2. Mind to Mind increases the byproduct rate of upgrade material processing by 5% for every Operator resting in Dormitories whose morale is at or below 12.


Stainless is a great Artificer Supporter who are capable of providing all sorts of battlefield assistance for his allies, making him a versatile Operator. Of particular note is Prototypes of Feist's Metal Crab, which provides a lot of non-obvious benefits such as allowing Operators whose skills have offensive SP recovery to charge it up by attacking the Prototype, extending other Operators' ranges to allow them to attack dangerous ranged enemies safely, or attacking enemies in normally hard-to-reach areas similar to a Lord Guard.