Tutorial: CW-TR-2

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[Four Military Hounds appear very close to the Protection Objective as Ceobe attacks one of the spherical objects seen earlier.]
<Game paused>
Ceobe What's this thing? Hey, hey!
Jessica Stop fooling around! The enemy is near the objective. What do we do?!
Dobermann <The spherical object on the left side is highlighted> Don't worry, I think I have a grasp of the structure here. Those Rocks are called Planetary Debris, and we can take advantage of them.
<The spherical object, now known as Planetary Debris, is highlighted> Planetary Debris only moves along a set trajectory. Gravity causes it to remain at the bottom of that trajectory.
<The Planetary Debris is highlighted> When stationary, the massive Planetary Debris will block the enemy's path. So all we need to do is...
Elysium Change the direction of gravity! On it!
<Game unpaused>
[Elysium is deployed on the DOWN Gravity Switch as the Hounds move, causing the gravity to point downward and pulls down the Debris on the left side which collides with three of the Hounds to their doom. The Debris blocks the path to the Objective, forcing the fourth Hound to take a detour through the Operators' reach.]
<Game paused>
Elysium It's super effective!
Dobermann Right. Planetary Debris deals heavy Physical Damage to enemies in its path, while also pushing them.
Be careful, however, as Planetary Debris can also deal damage to our own operators in its path.
<Game unpaused>
[As the Military Hound approaches, Ceobe's attacks eventually pushed the Debris she is attacking to the left, which then pulled down by the gravity and crushes the Hound.]
<Game paused>
Ceobe Wee, that was fun!
Dobermann Good work, Ceobe!
<Ceobe is highlighted> Stand adjacent to Planetary Debris to attack it and charge it up.
After a certain number of hits, Planetary Debris will be pushed in the operator's deployed direction.
This takes time, but if you have operators specialized in pushing...
<Game unpaused>
[An Arc Screenguard shows up, followed by a Trimounts City Defender close to Elysium.]
<Game paused>
Elysium They've got backup!
They're trying to change the direction of gravity!
Shaw I'mhere, InstructorDobermann!
Dobermann Good timing, Shaw. Push that Planetary Debris to the right.
Shaw Yesma'am!
<Game unpaused>
[Shaw is deployed next to the left Planetary Debris. After a while, she pushed it until it stops right next to the Objective.]
<Game paused>
Dobermann Good work!
<The left Planetary Debris is highlighted> With sufficient force, you can move Planetary Debris directly.
<The left Planetary Debris is highlighted> That path is now completely blocked, regardless of which way gravity is pulling.
The gravity system here is interesting. We should investigate further and make better use of it.
The battlefield is on our side now! Eliminate the remaining enemies!
<Game unpaused>
[Cardigan, Gravel, and Kroos are available for deployment as more Military Hounds join the fray. [The player deploys Cardigan and Kroos next to the Objective] Kroos provides additional covering fire as the Screenguard steps on the UP Switch while the City Defender attacks Elysium, reducing his block count to 0 and changes the gravity to point upward, causing the right Planetary Debris to be pulled up and crushes the Hounds. Elysium's block count returns to normal as the City Defender is ahead of it and he activates the DOWN Switch, pulling the Debris down and crushes the City Defender. Cardigan blocks the Screenguard [The player activates Elysium's skill, then deploys Gravel on the UP Switch] as the gravity changes to point upward, causing the right Debris to collide with the Screenguard. [The player retreats Gravel] Elysium's skill expires, causing his block count to return to normal as the Screenguard's defenses are stripped down by Jessica and Kroos, causing the gravity to point downward and the right Debris to be pulled down, crushing the Screenguard.]