Tutorial: WR-TR-1

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[An Angry appears and charges at Melantha, who barely kills it. However, even more Angries show up shortly afterwards.]
<Game paused>
Lava Huh? Is that Melantha? Why is Melantha here? She can't withstand that many enemies!
[The Angries are highlighted.]
Nian Chill out, chill... look at those enemies. See their black and white coloring? That's how you tell if they're "Hui" or "Ming".
Lava Nian?! What are you doing here?
[A white Mark of Hui and Ming in front of Melantha is highlighted.]
Nian Now pay attention to this tile. It's called a "Mark of Hui and Ming," and Operators deployed on it will gain an identical "Ming" or "Hui" attribute.
<Game unpaused>
[Beagle is deployed on the white Mark of Hui and Ming.]
<Game paused>
[Beagle is highlighted.]
Nian Works just like that. Beagle deployed onto this "Mark of Ming," and gained the "Ming" attribute.
Lava Ugh, maybe I'm dreaming right now...
Nian The heart shapes perception. Dreaming or not, the main point is you remember what I say. See, because their attributes are identical, the enemies have reduced ATK against Beagle.
<Game unpaused>
[One of the Angries, who have a white swirl above it, charges at Beagle; note that she also have a white swirl above her. Kroos is then deployed close to Beagle.]
<Game paused>
[Kroos is highlighted.]
Nian And "opposing Hui and Ming" is essentially just like Yin and Yang. Kroos deploying on a "Mark of Hui" has increased ATK fighting "Ming" attribute enemies, and vice versa.
<Game unpaused>
[The Angry attacks Beagle as more charges at her, who noticeably deals less damage against each other due to their matching attributes (Ming) while Kroos, having a black swirl above her, deals more damage against the Angries due to her Hui attribute that opposes the Angries' Ming attribute. Most of the Angries are killed as two Biteys with the Hui attribute moves in on the lower section.]
<Game paused>
Lava More enemies. This time, their attribute is "Hui"...?
Nian You got it. "Like attracts, opposite repels." "For us as for them, I proclaim all this is so." Even once you're awake, make sure you remember. This is the key to sorting out my little brat of a sister, after all.
Lava Hold on, you can talk with people in their dreams!?
<Game unpaused>
[The player deploys Cardigan and Jessica on the black and white Marks of Hui and Ming, respectively, on the bottom section, allowing them to easily handle the enemies as they are dispatched.]