Tutorial: TW-TR-1

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[A Leithanian Whisperer is using Originium Arts to "leash" the L-44 Gramophone.]
<Game paused>
Dobermann The purpose of today's training is to learn how to handle the L-44 "Gramophone" Arts unit. Semi-autonomous arts units such as these are becoming increasingly popularized in certain countries, so we'll have to master their operation.
Ansel Woah, that enemy is casting Arts into a Gramophone! What's he trying to accomplish?
Dobermann This is how the enemies will attempt to seize control of a Gramophone. We'll either have to come up with a way of stopping him, or take control of the Gramophone ourselves.
[The Whisperer and the Gramophone they are "leashing" are highlighted.]
Dobermann Certain special enemies will use their Arts to alter the operating protocol of the Gramophones in order to take control of them.
Cuora What should we do then?
[A tile marked by a lightning bolt to the Gramophone's left side is highlighted.]
Dobermann Disrupt the enemy's Arts, and deploy Operators at the Protocol Entries near a Gramophone to take control of it.
[Another tile marked by a lightning bolt below the Gramophone, hence referred to as Protocol Entry, are highlighted.]
Dobermann The Originium lines beneath each Protocol Entry will resonate, and controlling multiple Protocol Entries can speed up the rate at which you take control of Gramophones.
[The Gramophone's SP meter is highlighted.]
Dobermann Furthermore, control over the Gramophone is determined by its Charge Gauge. When reaching 0%, the Gramophone will fall under the enemy's control; Conversely, when reaching 100%, the Gramophone will enter our control.
Right now, the best way to understand how to control the L-44 'Gramophone' is with practice.
Ansel Understood!
Cuora There are other enemies coming, but I'll take care of them!
<Game unpaused>
[Ansel, Beagle, Cuora, and Hibiscus are deployed just as a Leithanian Rebel spawns on the bottom-right Incursion Point; note that all the aforementioned Operators except Cuora are deployed on the Gramophone's Protocol Entries, generating its SP at a faster rate than how the Whisperer drains the Gramophone's SP (i.e. the Operators are "contesting" the Gramophone and gains an edge). The Operators hold off the incoming enemies, which now includes more Rebels, Winterwisp Hounds, and a second Whisperer who appears shortly after the first stop leashing the Gramophone.]
<Game paused>
Beagle So, this... is supposed to be the Protocol Entry? I should...
Dobermann Stay calm, and work quickly to take control of the Gramophone. Look, another enemy is approaching to vie for control.
Beagle Another one? Jessica, h-help me!
Jessica Huh?!
Uh, um... Okay! I'm coming... Uu...
Projekt Red I'll help too. Gimme a knife, and I'll give you results.
<Game unpaused>
[Jessica, Melantha, and Projekt Red are available for deployment. The player deploys Jessica on the Gramophone's remaining Protocol Entry and Melantha and Red on available melee tiles nearby to support the rest. Note that the Gramophone has full SP and are now becomes friendly, attacking enemies with a strong Arts attack and healing injured Operators. The Whisperers leash the Gramophone to seize control of it, but to no avail as they and the rest of the enemies are killed.]