Tutorial: TR-7

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[(A Junkman spawns) The Junkman is highlighted.]
Dobermann Unlike before, the enemy this time has very high damage and durability. An ordinary Vanguard Operator will not be able to withstand it.
[Cuora on the Operator deployment menu is highlighted.]
Dobermann You should deploy a Defender Operator with high defense to protect your position.
[Adnachiel and Cuora on the Operator deployment menu are highlighted.]
Dobermann On a side note, you will need to manually activate the skills of these Operators. Once activated, the Operators will become greatly enhanced within skill duration, so make sure you use the skills wisely when facing difficult situations.
Now, try to use these skills at the correct time.
[(The player deploys Adnachiel and Cuora just as the Junkman engages Fang, who easily knocks her out before continuing onwards and engages Cuora; both Operators activate their respective skill as soon as they are ready, augmenting them enough to allow Cuora to withstand the Junkman's attacks and Adnachiel to deal more damage against the Junkman and eventually kills them)]