Tutorial: TR-16

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<Game paused>
Dobermann In order to deal with future threats, we will learn about new enemies in today's training.
FrostNova, from Ursus, and the members of the Yeti Squadron that she commands, are adept at using various machines and Originium Arts to freeze opponents.
Look carefully! Don't get distracted!
Beagle Yes! Good, that's right!
Kroos ...Zzz...
Dobermann The attacks of some members of the Yeti Squadron will inflict the Frost effect. Carefully observe the actions of the enemy.
<Game unpaused>
[A Yeti Caster spawns and attacks Hibiscus; at the second attack the Caster's hands let off a chilly aura; at the third attack a "snowflake" appears above Hibiscus as she noticeably heals slower.]
<Game paused>
[The Yeti Caster is highlighted.]
Dobermann As you can see, the attack launched by this enemy just applied the Frost effect.
[The snowflake above Hibiscus is highlighted.]
Dobermann Our Operator, Hibiscus, is affected by the Frost effect, and will be in a Cold state.
[Hibiscus is highlighted.]
Dobermann Operators in the Cold state will have reduced attack speed, and if they are subjected to the Frost effect again during this time, they will be inflicted with an even more serious status.
Please continue to observe Hibiscus's status changes.
<Game unpaused>
[The Yeti Caster attacks Hibiscus just as a Yeti Caster Leader spawns whose hands let off a chilly aura after the first attack; at the second attack, Hibiscus becomes enceased in ice.]
<Game paused>
[The frozen Hibiscus is highlighted.]
Dobermann As mentioned earlier, if Operators with the Cold status are subjected again to the Frost effect while the status has not worn off, they will immediately enter the more serious Frozen state.
Hibiscus has been continuously affected by the enemy's Frost effect, and is now Frozen.
<Game unpaused>
[The Yeti Casters attack Hibiscus who are unable to heal herself due to being frozen.]
<Game paused>
[The frozen Hibiscus is highlighted again.]
Dobermann Operators who have been Frozen are unable to attack, heal, or activate their skills. Furthermore, they will receive additional damage from certain Yeti Squadron enemies.
The Frozen status is extremely dangerous and will greatly reduce the combat capabilities of our Operators. Be careful not to let our Operators get Frozen.
Of course, we do not know about the full extent of the Yeti Squadron's combat capabilities. Doctor, you may be required to adapt your strategies in future battles depending on the situation.
Now, deploy the remaining Operators. Everyone, make sure to stay vigilant, and work together to defeat these enemies.
Beagle Acknowledged!
Dobermann Where did Kroos run off to this time?
<Game unpaused>
[The player deploys Ansel, Beagle, Jessica, and Melantha just as the Yeti Casters KO'd Hibiscus, who managed to dispatch them.]