Tutorial: RI-TR-1

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[Several Hounds show up and rushes towards Melantha, but she easily kills them. Two Originium Slugs spawn nearby shortly after, which is out of Melantha's reach.]
<Game paused>
Gavial I was thinking about this before. Can we seriously not do something about all these Giant Mushrooms?
Tomimi Oh! Gavial, I know what we can do! Send out some of my underlings!
<Game unpaused>
[A Rhodes Island Temporary Employee shows up close to Melantha and starts cutting down a Giant Mushroom below him (the player can deploy additional R.I. Temporary Employees to clear out the Giant Mushrooms).]
<Game paused>
[The first R.I. Temporary Employee is highlighted.]
Tomimi We've all got a lot of experience dealing with these Giant Mushrooms!
<Game unpaused>
[After a while, the first R.I. Temporary Employee cuts down the Giant Mushroom, revealing a Stump underneath it, before withdrawing due to exhaustion.]
<Game paused>
[The newly created Stump is highlighted.]
Tomimi Once the Giant Mushrooms are gone, our long-range fighters can stand on the wooden stumps.
Gavial Wait, aren't these your underlings? Why are they wearing Rhodes Island clothes?
Tomimi Oh, um! Because the Doctor asked to hire a few of them before we went into the rainforest.
<Game unpaused>
[Jessica joins in on the newly created Stump and managed to dispatch the Originium Slugs before they could enter the Protection Objectives (if the player deployed additional R.I. Temporary Employees before, the Giant Mushrooms should have been cleared by now).]
<Game paused>
Gavial That's the Doctor for you. Even thought this much through, huh?
I guess these guys count as temporary Rhodes Island employees now.
Hell, let's not waste the power of our temps, then. Forward!
<Game unpaused>
[The player deploys Gitano, Lava, and Steward on the rest of the Stumps (after clearing the Giant Mushrooms above them first if they haven't yet at this point), who easily eliminates the rest of the Originium Slugs.]