Tutorial: IS-TR-1

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<Game paused>
Cardigan Reserve Op Team A4 in position. The enemy will be attacking in seconds. Get ready!
<Game unpaused>
[A Siracusan Civilian spawns from the lower Incursion Point.]
<Game paused>
Adnachiel The enemy is here! Wait... they're local civilians from Volsinii! That's bold!
They don't look apprehensive at all. Are they used to this?
Dobermann This place is dangerous. We can't just leave them alone. Protect them to the best of your abilities.
<Game unpaused>
[The Civilian wanders around as Famiglia Soldiers spawn, which are promptly engaged by Adnachiel and Cardigan with Ansel's medical support. Note a meter on the top of the HUD which slowly fills over time and filled up whenever a Famiglia Soldier is defeated.]
<Game paused>
Ansel Whenever we defeat an enemy, the gaze of the others seem to get more venomous...
Dobermann Apparently, the Famiglia keep a book on blood debts owed by their enemies. The longer you fight them, the more you owe.
Protecting the people slowly reduces the Famiglia's hatred, but allowing a civilian to die will have severe consequences for your "debt." Be careful.
<Game unpaused>
[More Civilians spawn from the upper Incursion Point as the meter, which is a Blood Ledger counting the player's "Blood Debt" towards the famiglia, is almost filled up; note that the Blood Ledger's automatic generation is slowed to a halt with the Civilians' presence. Famiglia Crossbowmen spawns from the upper Incursion Point who, in a fit of irony, fires at the Civilians they are supposedly protecting while they runs away to the safety of the Protection Objective. However, one Civilian fails to flee and shot down by the Crossbowmen, causing the Blood Ledger to fill up.]
<Game paused>
Ansel Look out! Oh... damn it...
Dobermann Warning! Enemy behavior has changed. Support is being called in. Hang in there!
Lappland Hey, guys! Can you hear me?
These guys go into a frenzy when their account book is full. They even call in some interesting people to join in.
But that's the worst of it. Things will get easier after overcoming this hump. You can do it, can't you? I shouldn't have to show up personally.
Cardigan Ngh!
<Game unpaused>
[Cuora, Lappland, Projekt Red, and Steward are available for deployment as a Famiglia Cleaner appears. (The player deploys Cuora, Lappland, and Steward at their discretion) The invisible Cleaner closes in and promptly engages the Operators with the other famiglia members providing backup; note that the famiglia are in the "Asset Liquidation" state, shown by the Blood Ledger counting down, which makes them, especially the Cleaner, stronger, but nevertheless, the Operators managed to dispatch the famiglia forces out for their blood.]