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Gladiia is a 6★ Hookmaster Specialist who specializes in Shift, DPS, and Crowd-Control, and the welfare Operator of Under Tides where she is awarded from completing the Try to Survive mission which requires the player to clear SV-5 with Gladiia's Token.png Gladiia's Token available in Barter for 250 Corrupted Iberian Record.png, 300 Corrupted Iberian Record.png, 350 Corrupted Iberian Record.png, 400 Corrupted Iberian Record.png, and 450 Corrupted Iberian Record.png.

Unlike other Operators, Gladiia can be deployed on both melee and ranged tiles, and as a Hookmaster Specialist, she has an extended range of two tiles ahead, or three at Elite 1. Despite those, Gladiia remains classified as a melee Operator.


  1. Waves of Ægir give Abyssal Hunters Operators (including Gladiia herself) HP regeneration and reduces the Physical and Arts damage they took from Sea Monsters while Gladiia is deployed.
  2. Survival of the Fittest increases Gladiia's ATK against enemies whose weight are 3 or lower.


  1. Waterless Parting of the Great Ocean (or Parting of the Ocean for short) makes Gladiia's attack deal more damage and pulls the enemy towards her with a force of 0 that is increased to 1 at Level 4 and 2 at Specialization Level 3, and can store multiple charges at higher levels.
  2. Waterless Grasp of the Raging Seas (or Grasp of the Seas for short) extends Gladiia's range to 3×3 tiles in front of her and makes her attack up to two targets simultaneously, which prioritizes enemies who are being blocked over those who aren't and deal more damage as well as pulling the targets toward her with a force of 0 that is increased to 1 at Level 4 and 2 at Specialization Level 3, but increases her attack interval while active.
    • While counter-intuitive at first, Grasp of the Seas can work on operations where the positioning allow Hookmasters to drag blocked enemies toward holes, not to mention it allows Gladiia to attack two targets at once so she does not need to drag the enemies one at a time (if there are multiple).
  3. Waterless Dance of the Shattered Maelstrom (or Dance of the Maelstrom for short) causes the the furthest enemy within Gladiia's range to be Bound for a short time, during which a whirlpool is created at the target's position that halves the movement speed of enemies around it in addition to dealing Arts damage and pulling them towards the whirlpool every 1.5 seconds. When Dance of the Maelstrom expires, all enemies caught in the whirlpool will be pulled towards Gladiia. The force level of both the whirlpool and the aftermath starts off at 0, which is increased to 1 at Level 4 and 2 at Specialization Level 3.
    • Dance of the Maelstrom's whirlpool effectively trap enemies and leaves them a sitting duck for other friendly units, which is effective on fast-moving enemies as they typically have low weight.
    • If Gladiia is positioned correctly, Dance of the Maelstrom's aftermath is also effective to either draw in enemies into holes or forces them to be blocked by Gladiia or friendlies, reducing their chance of escaping to essentially zero.

Operator Module

The HOK-X Module, Consul's Handmirror, causes enemies dragged by Gladiia to take 800 Arts damage for every tile they are pulled through in addition to increasing her maximum HP and ATK. Once upgraded, Waves of Ægir's HP regeneration rate and damage reduction are increased, and the latter now reduces the Physical/Arts damage taken by Abyssal Hunters from any enemies, not just Sea Monsters.

  • The improved HP regeneration and Physical/Arts damage reduction granted by Consul's Handmirror makes Gladiia the core member of Abyssal Hunters Operators if the player wishes to use them.

Base skills

Gladiia's base skills allow her fellow Abyssal Hunters to contribute into RIIC functions while she is assigned to the Control Center.

  1. Tide Observer increases Gladiia's morale drain rate by 0.5 per hour for every Abyssal Hunter in facilities but not resting in Dormitories, who instead makes her recover 0.5 morale per hour that are further increased by 0.5/h for every Abyssal Hunter resting in Dormitories whose morale is full.
  2. Group Hunting α makes Operators in the Control Center (including Gladiia herself) recover 0.05 morale per hour, which stacks with other similar base skills, and causes every Abyssal Hunter in Factories to increase the respective Factory's productivity by 5% for each Abyssal Hunter in the same Factory (e.g. assigning Andreana, Skadi, and Specter to a Factory will increase the productivity by 15% each), up to 45% per Factory. At Elite 2, Group Hunting α becomes Group Hunting β with a higher productivity boost of 10% (as well as the cap to 90%).
    • Group Hunting's productivity boost do not stack with that of Waai Fu's Cooperative Will, Automation base skills, and Weedy's Bionic Seadragon; the latter two of which will override it and the most effective one taking precedence over the other(s).