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Gladiia hails from a problematic family in which she faces various issues within, especially from her mother's. But despite the turmoil, she was able to become a high-ranking consul of Aegir's Honor Exercitus. She even volunteered to become a leader of the Abyssal Hunters to defend her homeland against the encroaching Seaborn. To Gladiia, not more is better that filling her troubled mind with Aegir's hollow pride.

Gladiia's running out of time... will she die as an Aegir or a Seaborn?

Following the devastating battle against Ishar-mla and other Leviathans, Gladiia arrived at the shore and embarked on a search for the surviving Hunters. She eventually encountered Kal'tsit who holds such information and secretly worked for her and Rhodes Island. After the Sal Viento incident where she baited out one of the leading bishop of the Church of the Deep, Gladiia officially joined R.I. as a representative of Aegir and the nominal leader of the Abyssal Hunters. She has since been providing her cooperation with R.I. such as the hunt for the lost Stultifera Navis in order to re-establish the land's connection with the ocean. Despite the grim future that awaits her, she vows to accomplish her duty, return to her homeland, and defeat the Seaborn while racing against her subjugation to We Many.

Living under the ocean for most of her lifetime, Gladiia dislikes the surface's arid biome and often suffers from dehydration. Her haughty manner towards the land-dwellers, a consequence of Aegir's isolationism, causes others to be reluctant in interacting with her. Nevertheless, Gladiia proves herself to be a capable combatant utilizing a giant lance combined with her superior physical capabilities as a true Abyssal Hunter.


Gladiia: Dehydration

Mizuki: The Fifth Contact

Under Tides

Gladiia impaled by The First To Talk...
...but she strikes back
"Only death will save you now."
"Look at you. You still ended up an ugly bitch in the end."

Specter: I, Namely I

Stultifera Navis

Gladiia casually approaches the menacing Ulpianus

Specter the Unchained: Selfhood

Mizuki & Caerula Arbor