Operator trivia: Beehunter

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  • She is actually named after the literal translation of beowulf, simply meaning "bear."[1] Her codename also refers to the fact that most bears do eat honey.
  • Her real name, Shura, is a diminutive form of Aleksandra.[2]
  • Beehunter is one of the only two Operators beside Swordmaster Guards whose attack hits twice. She shares this distinction with Gravel.
    • However, both Beehunter and Gravel function mechanically differently from Swordmasters. While Swordmasters effectively deal twice their ATK per hit but also get their damaged reduced by DEF twice, the damage output of both strikes for Beehunter and Gravel is equal to their ATK stat, and gets reduced by DEF only once — in effect, they hit twice, dealing half their ATK per hit, and getting mitigated by half the enemy DEF per hit, making the numerical outcome indistinguishable from a single strike. It is merely programmed that way for animation/cosmetic reasons.
    • The two hits are still regarded as two distinct hits, which matters for the following:
      • Waregeist enemies, whose true forms do not account for damage output, but the number of strikes.
      • Big Sad Lock releases a damaging Arts shockwave whenever it receives 20 instances of damage; the two hits count as two instances of damage, causing Beehunter to trigger the retaliatory shockwave twice as often.
      • Arc Screenguards, "Traffic Tower" Production Models (and by extension their upgraded versions), and Star Rings lose a small amount of DEF and RES whenever they take damage, causing Beehunter to lower their DEF and RES at double the normal rate.
  • Beehunter is sometimes compared with Jotaro Kujo and his Stand, Star Platinum, due to her high attack rate (which is shown by her punching fast) and one of her skill activation dialogues, previously written as "Oraoraoraoraaa!", both are which made popular by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
    • A similar case can also be noted in Cuora, who says "Mudamuda!" as one of her skill activation dialogues.
    • To a lesser degree, Beehunter is compared with Raiden in the scene where he rapidly punches Senator Armstrong who simply shrugs them off in the endgame of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, complete with It Has To Be This Way playing in the background.[3]
    • This line remained until the release of Contingency Contract Fake Waves in EN where her line was then shifted to a Russian one as part of EN's effort in upgrading localization in preparation for her English voice.
  • Beehunter has spoken some of the worst profanities in Russian culture, making her on par with Fiammetta.