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Astesia Urbica is the older twin sister of Astgenne Urbica, born from a family of Gaulish Liberi astrologers who emigrated to Columbia after being denounced in their homeland, unwittingly sparing themselves from the aftermath of the Battle of the Four Emperors, and follows her parents' footsteps by becoming an astrologer herself and joining a Columbian occult group partnered with Rhine Lab.

Astesia keeps in touch with Astgenne who has since worked for R.L. after her departure from the Urbica household and accidentally contracted Oripathy while taking care of Astgenne after she was caught in an Originium leak accident. This prompted both to went into Rhodes Island for treatment; Astgenne returns to R.L. after her condition stabilizes enough, but she recommends Astesia to lend her service to R.I., making use of her Arts swordplay on the battlefield and sharing her extensive knowledge of astronomy to R.I.'s researchers.


Astesia is a 5★ Arts Fighter Guard who specializes in DPS and Defense. As an Arts Fighter Guard, Astesia's attacks deal Arts damage, allowing her to easily dispatch enemies with high DEF but little/no RES. Astesia has above-average HP and ATK, average DEF and DP cost, and innate RES (10 initial, 15 at Elite 2).


Celestial Globe slightly buffs Astesia's ASPD every 20 seconds starting from when she is deployed, which stacks up to five times.


  1. Astral Protection buffs Astesia's ATK and DEF while active.
  2. Astral Sword buffs Astesia's ATK and DEF more than Astral Protection as well as increasing her block count by one and makes her attacks hit multiple enemies in range equal to her block count while active.
    • Astral Sword is superior to Astral Protection in most aspects except uptime, which is lower (though still good nonetheless), turning Astesia into an Arts Centurion Guard who can take on multiple high-DEF, low-RES enemies.

Base skill

Clue Search α increases the clue search rate by 10% while Astesia is assigned to the Reception Room. At Elite 2, Clue Search α becomes Astrology with a higher clue search boost of 25%.


Astesia is a versatile Arts Fighter Guard who are good on both the offensive and the defensive, and can take on just about every high-DEF, low-RES enemies with minimal issue. She is truly a lodestar who shall guide Doctors with her horoscope and martial prowess.