Operator trivia: Astesia

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  • Her name most likely derives from Asteria, a Greek goddess who is often associated with stars.
  • Astesia may have the traits of a common house martin (Delichon urbicum). Her surname, Urbica, also derives from the bird's scientific name. However, this is worth noticing that the bird present on her Starseeker outfit is a barn swallow (Hirundo Rustica). Barn swallows are also present on her sister's outfits, and their artist's personal artworks of the pair.
  • Astesia is one of the operators with most outfits tied with Jessica, Exusiai and Amiya.
  • Astesia's Starseeker outfit has one of the most hidden lore in Arknights' story that was only revealed later.[1]
    • In her star chat, the shapes of notable constellations (Leo, Hydra, Capricorn, and Gemini) are similar to those a few thousand years later, perhaps around CE 10,000 on Earth. But the most surprising part is that the ecliptic and equator marked on her chart do not align with the Polaris as of those on Earth, and such phenomenon could only happen when the precession of Earth's axis is tilted towards the south thousand years later. Furthermore, the celestial globe on her left is tilted to almost 45° instead of 23.5° for Earth, and the North Pole could have pointed to Vega which will replace the Polaris' role as the North Star around 12,000 to 13,000 years later. Adding to these "easter eggs" is that the Big Dipper formed in stages for Children of Ursus resembles the one 50,000 years later on Earth.
    • In Lone Trail, it is confirmed that Terra's age is at least 13,000 years, miraculously fitting her star chat and the tilting angle of her celestial globe.