Operator dialogue: Astesia

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Appointed as Assistant I drew up the work schedule for you. Please kindly follow.
Talk 1 How to make a celestial globe is a secret, but as we know, anything can be on the table for a fair price. I'd be happy to reveal my trick of the trade as long as your price is right.
Talk 2 Observing the stars everyday makes my neck sore. Wonder if the medics would have any suggestions for that... What, Miss. Warfarin is the physician on duty today? Um... I'll check again another day.
Talk 3 Astrology is learning about the present and the future from celestial alignments. It's not quite divination, but with the same result. So, would you like to give it a try, Doctor? It's free of charge!
Talk after Promotion 1 'Similar genes, among blood relatives, causes, uh, reverberations of Originium...' I can barely understand a word in this work of an occultist. Doctor, Can you interpret the medical report for me?
Talk after Promotion 2 Ever since my Oripathic infection, the stars have diminished their responses to me. I must find a way to reverse it before I lose all my power. Otherwise, I'l [sic]... Could you help me, Doctor?
Talk after Trust Increase 1 You want to know more about the organization I'm with? Sorry, I took an oath not to divulge anything, and it's not for public knowledge, anyway. If you're curious, just think of it as a completely neutral community.
Talk after Trust Increase 2 Sometimes, I envy Astgenne... Ah, guess I should call her Elena now. She has everything I'm missing... But like you said, Doctor, we relied on each other because we complement each other, that's why we're sisters.
Talk after Trust Increase 3 As the nights bid us farewell, so do the starlights fade and quell. If this is the end that awaits us ahead, I should be picking up something more meaningful to do. Such as? Umm... Doctor, do you mind me waking you up every morning?
Idle The tea's ready, Doctor. Time for a little break.
Onboard Astesia, astrologer, reporting for guard duty. I'm yours to command, Doctor.
Watching Battle Record No report after viewing?
Promotion 1 A promotion medal? How exquisite. I'll treasure it well.
Promotion 2 Stars shine bright, bearing witness of our past nights.
Added to Squad I'm over here, Doctor.
Appointed as Squad Leader Let me be the guiding star for all.
Depart There's no turning back now.
Begin Operation The stars will light our way.
Selecting Operator 1 Ready for action.
Selecting Operator 2 Is it my turn, Doctor?
Deployment 1 Don't panic, Astesia. Do it like you usually do.
Deployment 2 Time to prove myself.
In Battle 1 Defend with me, steadfast Taurus.
In Battle 2 Lend me your wings, avians among the stars!
In Battle 3 The serpent has brought about your end.
In Battle 4 The light of stars shall be my blade!
4-star Result So this is 'our' power, a power even the stars failed to foresee...
3-star Result Fantastic results, Doctor. But don't overwork yourself, be sure to rest up well.
Sub 3-star Result If I put in more effort, maybe the outcome could be better...
Operation Failure I'm dead on my feet... but it's not time to quit yet.
Assigned to Facility Let me see... Yes, the layout's good. The furniture won't attract any unwanted spirits this way.
Tap W-Wait!
Trust Tap W-What's that... something on my face?
Greeting Good morning, Doctor.
Title Arknights.