Arknights 3rd Anniversary Festival: Thank you, Doctor.

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Arknights 3rd Anniversary Festival: Thank you, Doctor. is an offline event held under the oversight of Yostar and the first one ever held for Arknights (in replacement of CN's delayed event). It was first announced during JP 2022 Autumn Thank-you celebration livestream, and was held between January 7 and 8, 2023, at the southern section of Tokyo Big Sight. The event is part of the celebration of Arknights JP/Global servers' 3rd anniversary, featured Arknights' exhibition, mini-games, and livestream program.

This event has two types of tickets: JPY 5,000 for normal entrance, and JPY 88,000 for participating Namie's autograph session.

A 16 hours long livestream in total (see Media below) was held during the event, which contains new merch announcement, interview with TV anime staff, VA gameplay, in-game statistic reveal, and the 3rd Anniversary livestream. Along with the introduction of Ideal City's in-game gimmicks, the drama CD for Children of Ursus was officially announced.

There are also offline interactions events such as mini exhibition featuring several character illustration boards, newly released merchandises, and a 1:1 life-sized Mudrock Colossus model, and Namie's autograph session that gave out her signatured illustration posters.[1] There were also life-size big screens located around the exhibition hall featuring several Operators interaction such as Flamebringer and Blemishine (who comically encourages the players to "whale" at the gacha machine corner).[2] The most popular corner of the event is the Originium Slug Racing mini-game, a parody to the one mentioned in Ceobe's Fungimist as Terra's version of horse-racing gamble.[3] A live theater was located in the exhibition hall that presents 3D model performances by Suzuran, Amiya, Ceobe, and Sora.

Four special EPs sung by the were released for the event as well: Honey Funny Days by Ceobe, Bouquet of Smile by Suzuran, The Dawn After Long Night by Amiya, and finally Minamoto by the three of them acting as closing ceremony.

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