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Archetto is a 6★ Marksman Sniper who specializes in DPS. As a Marksman Sniper, Archetto has a range of 3×3 tiles with a 1-tile extension up front which is improved to 3×4 tiles at Elite 1, target aerial enemies over ground ones when attacking, and possesses good ATK, low attack interval, decent HP and DEF, and low DP cost relative to other Snipers.


  1. Landen Tactics has Snipers with offensive SP recovery for their skill (including Archetto herself) periodically restore 1 SP while Archetto is deployed.
    • Landen Tactics helps to compensate the fact that all three of Archetto's skills have offensive SP recovery and synergize very well with other Snipers with offensive recovery skills such as Blue Poison and Meteorite.
    • Combined with Ch'en's Scolding, Snipers with offensive recovery skills can even activate them in most of their attacks!
  2. Iron Bowstring gives Archetto a Shield that generates some SP upon being expended.
    • Iron Bowstring can help her survive enemy attacks and activate her skill early in her deployment.


All three of Archetto's skills have offensive SP recovery.

  1. Dispersing Arrows increases the damage dealt by Archetto's attack and causes it to ricochet towards up to three enemies near the main target for a slightly lower damage when charged.
  2. Pursuing Arrows has Archetto fire five arrows in a rapid succession that deals slightly higher damage to an enemy within her range and ricochets toward up to five enemies within a radius of 1.5 meters around the primary target, but each secondary target can only be struck by one arrow each time the skill is used, and can store multiple charges at higher levels.
    • Pursuing Arrows allows Archetto to hit enemies outside her range if the arrows ricochet into one and unleash a flurry of arrows in a short time, potentially causing untold harm to tightly bunched enemies.
  3. Thundering Arrows slightly buffs Archetto's ATK, extends her range by 1×3 tiles, and makes her attacks both deliver three hits and targets up to two enemies within range while active.
    • Thundering Arrows is a more straightforward option to bolster Archetto's DPS, extend her reach to the same level as Platinum (but only for a limited time), and give her a limited AoE capability, making its use when groups of enemies are to be expected indispensable.

Operator Modules

Archetto's Modules emphasize on either giving more SP to herself or fellow Snipers, making it up to the player's preference.

  • The MAR-X Module, Yesterday Once More, increases Archetto's ATK against aerial enemies to 1.1× in addition to increasing her maximum HP and ATK much more than "Seeds of Tomorrow". Once upgraded, Landen Tactics' SP restoration interval is reduced and further for Archetto herself if there is at least one other Sniper deployed.
  • The MAR-Y Module, "Seeds of Tomorrow", increases Archetto's ASPD by 8 if there are ground enemies within her range in addition to increasing her ATK, DEF, and ASPD. Once upgraded, Iron Bowstring also has Archetto recover some SP when she is deployed.

Base skill

Pious Fundraising α increases Trading Post order acquisition rate by [1% × total level of Dormitories built] (e.g. having four Level 5 Dormitories provides a 20% boost) while Archetto is assigned to one. At Elite 2, Pious Fundraising α becomes Pious Fundraising β with a higher order acquisition boost of 2% (thus providing a 40% boost with four Level 5 Dormitories).


Archetto is a great Marksman Sniper who can pick off multiple enemies with multi-targeting and ricocheting arrow shots alike, making her useful in operations with large groups of enemies and can even act as a lesser substitute for AoE Snipers, though her offensive SP recovery skills and lackluster ATK are what keep her from matching Exusiai.

Nevertheless, Sister Archetto will protect the sanctity of Landen Monastery with her marksmanship and faith which guide each of her arrows.