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Appointed as Assistant Doctor, have you ever considered some more... practical ornamentation for Rhodes Island? Such as monastery brewing caskets, or...
Talk 1 Landen Monastery's clerics form no normal clergy, you know? Rather than prayer, we're much more about taking up arms to defend Laterano... That's how it goes, but our finances have been in a sorry state these past few years. The justice of guarding others with the faith we harbor — surely the Lord permits us that.
Talk 2 Doctor, do you have any interest in beer or bread? Landen Monastery Fermented Goods Contest CCCLXXVII first-place, at your service! No need? Ah, alright... Truly, I want our soft, springy bread and fragrant beer to be known across all of Terra. That would do wonders for our revenues!
Talk 3 E-Exusiai? *cough*! I never thought the legend who blew up her alma mater seventeen times in three years would be here at Rhodes Island... She does seem to have some learned business experts at her side, but the risk of an explosion while rebuilding the Monastery... best not for now.
Talk after Promotion 1 Different kinds of arrows entail different uses. There may be plenty of capable archers amongst my sisters, but I don't boast when I proclaim that I'm the only one able to adapt multiple combat modes at once! Heheh! At least, out of my year I am!
Talk after Promotion 2 It was only once I left the Monastery that I realized my arrows may do more than defend the Apostle. It can aid so many Infected, beset by injustice... I'm very proud, but occasionally I'll remember the days gone past where I simply drew my bow, and loosed. Now, every arrow has become so much more weighty.
Talk after Trust Increase 1 So as to rebuild the Monastery, my sisters have left to seek cooperation across all of Terra. *sigh*! Landen Monastery, age-old guard of Laterano, is now a dispatch agency... If only those old men would grant a little more funding. What kind of an excuse is "teach with gift, not with gifts!?"
Talk after Trust Increase 2 Rhodes Island is a world apart from Laterano. All with a different scape in their hearts, mingling together. It truly is an extraordinary thing. Doctor, you must consider coming to the Monastery to teach after you retire. Issues of faith? That'll be no problem! None of us will mind.
Talk after Trust Increase 3 At the start of spring, we'll prune the overgrown vines, and then open up the cellar come evening and retrieve the wine. The moment the setting sun catches through our glasses, we'll down them in one gulp. Ceremony? No, it's just a custom of ours. Life and faith became one long ago, and we don't want to lose it, that's all.
Idle I feel like I heard bells... mm, just my imagination.
Onboard Cleric of Landen Monastery, Operator Archetto. Today on, I'll be in formal cooperation with you, for the rebuilding of the Landen Monastery famed far and wide! Doctor, if you would, please look over these contract terms!
Watching Battle Record I see, I see, so this is how Rhodes Island's operators fight! Truly, they're exemplary!
Promotion 1 A promotion? My greatest thanks. Hm? I seem at peace? Of course. When you spend five years partaking in commendation ceremonies for outstanding clerics where everyone sleeps the whole way through from hangover, these things don't get to you much.
Promotion 2 Another promotion? Hmm... all the companies outside seem to strongly emphasize a hierarchical structure. Well, seeing as my promotion's been set in stone, does that mean Rhodes Island is willing to agree and sign to long-term cooperative terms with our Monastery?
Added to Squad May Rhodes Island see for itself the distinguished tactical accomplishments of Landen Monastery.
Appointed as Squad Leader Cooperating with my Sisters, everyone always drowned each other out... but under my command, things may be a little terser. I'll do my utmost.
Depart Arrow nocked.
Begin Operation Enemy sighted.
Selecting Operator 1 Your orders.
Selecting Operator 2 What arrow should I use?
Deployment 1 I've found our prey.
Deployment 2 May the Lord bless us.
In Battle 1 Draw. Take aim. Loose.
In Battle 2 Feel the bowstring's shake...
In Battle 3 Gospel, gather at my fingertips...
In Battle 4 My bow has three choices, and the enemy three hardships.
4-star Result "Long may the Monastery's bells sound." This is a prayer for victory. Though we've already won!
3-star Result Right! I joined in this battle. Now nobody will think Landen Monastery's just an ornament of Laterano, will they?
Sub 3-star Result ...Please allow me the chance to remedy this! This is my mistake, and in no way represents the Monastery!
Operation Failure Were battles beyond the walls... always so cruel?
Assigned to Facility It's too stifling in here. There's near to none of the Monastery's sunshine!
Tap Oh — is something wrong?
Trust Tap Ah, Doctor, I've been thinking whether I should invite you with me to come see Laterano. Perhaps you'd have more interest in the Monastery then...
Greeting May the Lord bless you, Doctor.
Title Arknights.