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Appointed as Assistant Eh, how come work at the Engineering Department here is even more exhausting than Blacksteel? Good thing I've got some easy paperwork for a change of pace. Lemme start with this one. Umm... Hehe, sorry I bothered you, Doctor. I've got work to do, so I'm heading back to Engineering.
Talk 1 Doctor, you should've told me you dropped something behind this shelf. Look at you, wriggling around on the floor all day. Alright, get up. I've got specialized tools I use to carry bulky, heavy engineering equipment. We'll move it aside and grab your stuff. Do you have earplugs, though? It's probably gonna hurt your ears when I tow around this heavy-ass metal shelf...
Talk 2 Be brave, Laura. If you want your work to go smoothly and advance your career, you gotta take the plunge. Think about your future... Think about your dreams... Ah! What are you doing behind me?! I, I'm fine, it's just... I gotta get an injection tomorrow. I'm... I'm trying to get myself ready.
Talk 3 If you ask me, the most annoying part of engineering projects and experiments is the funding! Even when you get your hands on it, you still have lots to worry about. Everything I do costs money, and every monthly account statement is red as hell, and my budget's always like toilet paper! Speaking of, how much funding can you give me next month? I gotta start planning early.
Talk after Promotion 1 My whole family lived in a single basement room when we first moved from Bolívar to Columbia. The space under my mother's bed was my first "engineering lab." I made lots of weird trinkets there. But I also got smacked just as much, heheh.
Talk after Promotion 2 The power plant is like the heart of a nomadic plate. During my years in the field with my team, I've basically been its primary physician. Either I'm giving it all I got to recover its pulse, or... I'm pronouncing it dead when there's nothing more I can do.
Talk after Trust Increase 1 Hey, hey, Doctor! Down here! Look at me! I've got good news. Our engineering project just had a major breakthrough. Don't stand there like a bump on a log. Come, let's sit down, I'll show you... Oh my gosh, I'm sorry, I forgot to wash my hands. I got a handprint on your coat....
Talk after Trust Increase 2 Nah, don't worry. My kneecap's not hurt. I just have a small crystal there, so I hide it with a band-aid. I know there's no need to hide it here, but I'm used to it. You know, Doctor, sometimes I wonder, If I'd met you guys before Blacksteel... Never mind. We don't have time for what-ifs.
Talk after Trust Increase 3 Doctor, you give everything you've got, even when there's nothing in it for you, just like Jessica. I'm not nearly as selfless as you guys, but I know when to be grateful. I won't let you down or squander the money and trust you two invested in me. I promise.
Idle Falling asleep right on your desk... and your hair blocking your eyes like that. Hmm, guess I'll leave you this bone-shaped hairpin.
Onboard Pleasure to meet ya! I'm the engineer Blacksteel sent here on exchange. Just call me Almond. Are you the Doctor Jessica's always talking about? Let me get a good look at you. Hmm... You seem fine and... Normal, I guess?
Watching Battle Record Now this is interesting. I never thought you could use engineering machinery like that.
Promotion 1 Oh, you shouldn't have. It's all a part of our contract. I'm just doing my job so... Hold on! What did you just say...? Invest • ment?
Promotion 2 Aw, come on. you can drop the act. I've worked on so many projects with Rhodes Island's Engineering Department. You're not here just to nitpick, are you?
Added to Squad You need my tech on the battlefield too? No problem!
Appointed as Squad Leader I used to lead an engineering team, but now a combat team...? Alright, let's do this. Everyone, listen for the whistle!
Depart Woo! I just got a new idea. Better write it down as soon as the fight's over.
Begin Operation Careful now, 'cause you won't escape once my little friends catch you!
Selecting Operator 1 Need me for something?
Selecting Operator 2 You need anything, I'm your girl!
Deployment 1 It's all just like the blueprints. Peerrfect!
Deployment 2 Even without a blueprint, I'm adaptable enough to work it out.
In Battle 1 All parameters set. Fire!
In Battle 2 Sheesh, why are you so heavy?
In Battle 3 Get over here!
In Battle 4 Oh shoot, my grappling hook's stuck! Sorry for tripping you!
4-star Result Doctor! Once we're back, be sure to check my blueprints! I can't just let you go when you've got such a great mind!
3-star Result Good work, Doctor! Want a cookie? Too tough to chew...? Hmm... I think it's fine...
Sub 3-star Result I would've liked a more perfect finish, but these results aren't so bad.
Operation Failure Laying down smoke! Doctor, we'd better fall back while the enemy can't see us!
Assigned to Facility The wiring in this room's terrible. Who did this? I'm gonna sort everything out here line by line.
Tap Wai-wai-wait! Don't push! You'll mess up all the cables in my backpack!
Trust Tap No • touching • my head!
Greeting I'm all set, Doctor. Ready to start working whenever!
Title Arknights.