Operator overview: Almond

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Almond is a 5★ Hookmaster Specialist who specializes in Shift. Unlike other Operators, Almond can be deployed on both melee and ranged tiles, and being a Hookmaster Specialist, Almond has an extended range of two tiles ahead or three at Elite 1, despite being classified as a melee Operator.


Engineer's Backpack restores Almond's SP after she uses her skill for the first time in each operation.


  1. Magnetic Grab causes Almond's attack to deal more damage and pull the target towards her with a force of 0 that is increased to 1 from Level 7 when charged, which can store multiple charges from Level 7.
  2. Power Traction has Almond launch a traction hook that Binds the enemy struck and then periodically pull them towards her with a force of 0 that is increased to 1 at Level 4 and 2 at Mastery 3, and deal Physical damage until the skill expires.

Operator Module

The HOK-X Module, "Graduation Project", causes enemies pulled by Almond to take 800 Arts damage for every tile they are pulled through in addition to increasing her maximum HP and DEF. Once upgraded, Engineer's Backpack's SP restoration is increased.

Base skills

Almond's base skills improve Factory Pure Gold.png Pure Gold production efficiency while she is assigned to one.

  1. Little Whims increases Pure Gold productivity by 25% and her morale drain rate by 0.25 per hour.
  2. Big Responsibility increases Pure Gold productivity by 2% and reduces her morale drain rate by 0.15 per hour for every Blacksteel Operator assigned to facilities (those acting as Base Assistants are not counted).