Tutorial: TR-5

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Jessica Speaking of which, Instructor Dobermann, why did you choose me...?
Dobermann Jessica, you worked at Blacksteel, a private security consulting company, didn't you? I assume you still remember what you learned there.
Jessica Y-yes, I do...
Dobermann But you definitely don't seem prepared. Anyway, you still need to refresh the combat knowledge you learned at Blacksteel.
[Fang on the Operator deployment menu is highlighted.]
Dobermann Deploy Vanguard Fang to hold off the first wave of enemies.
[(The player deploys the Operators just as a Shielded Soldier spawns; Fang and Kroos attacks the Shielded Soldier, but they barely do any damage against them)]
Jessica I see. This enemy is wearing heavy armor and has high defense, so physical attacks can't deal much damage to him.
Dobermann Are you telling me you weren't even aware of that?
Jessica No! I... I just don't know the enemy's actual attributes. When I served at Blacksteel as a mercenary, I was conducting weapon tests most of the time...
Dobermann Alright then, tell us some options that Blacksteel taught you when facing such a situation.
Jessica Okay, hmm... A common solution is to use Arts attacks to penetrate the enemy's armor.
Dobermann Good, you are correct. Now, try it out.
PRTS A Caster Operator, Durin, is ready. You may deploy her any time.
[(The player deploys Durin, whose attacks actually damage and eventually kill the Shielded Soldier; another Shielded Soldier spawns alongside two Originium Slugs, but the Operators killed them all)]