Tutorial: TR-17

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<Game paused>
PRTS Rhodes Island, on a certain day...
Dobermann In this training exercise, we'll simulate a situation where communications are jammed, and practice operating under these conditions.
Amiya will also be assisting you. You must all step up and learn how the enemy fights. Look alive!
The enemy's guerrilla forces are here! Get ready!
Beagle Th-that enemy's an experienced guerrilla fighter? Jessica, I'll stop him first!
Jessica Uh... got it!
Perfumer I'll make sure you stay healthy. Don't let the nerves get to you~ It'll affect your ability to make decisions on the spot.
<Game unpaused>
[A Guerrilla Fighter and Guerrilla Sniper spawns from the upper-right Incursion Point just as Beagle and Perfumer are deployed, followed by another Fighter. Beagle blocks the Fighters and Sniper, but shortly after a Guerrilla Herald spawns from the upper-left Incursion Point.]
<Game paused>
Dobermann Incoming! That new enemy is a Guerrilla Herald, and he uses an encrypted language to relay messages to the other troops!
Beagle Woah! Wh-why does it feel like the enemies are coming at us way harder now?!
Jessica Hold on a bit longer, Beagle! ...I'll go take care of that new enemy!
[The Herald is highlighted.]
Dobermann While on the battlefield, Heralds will continuously issue tactical commands to their squad members, increasing the ATK and DEF of all enemies!
[The Sniper is highlighted; note that their eyes now glow red.]
Dobermann After receiving these commands, some enemies will even use special abilities! Look, this Guerrilla Sniper is shooting two of our Operators at the same time.
[The Herald is highlighted again.]
Dobermann However, remember that even if these Heralds are the heart of the enemy's guerrilla warfare tactics, they're also a weak point we can exploit. Their lightweight equipment that emphasizes mobility also make them the least protected of all the guerrilla forces!
<Game unpaused>
[Jessica is deployed and starts firing at the Herald; note that the Guerrilla Sniper now attacks both Beagle and Perfumer simultaneously and they, along with the Fighters, noticeably does more damage and takes less damage. Jessica kills the first Herald, but two more spawns from both Incursion Points simultaneously.]
<Game paused>
Dobermann Two Heralds are here now! Through a coordinated exchange of tactics, the strengthening effect of their commands has been amplified, and the other enemies have become even stronger than before!
Jessica, think hard, and come up with a way to fight against them!
Jessica I... It's too hard... to deal with these Heralds!! I, I don't think I can handle this... Auugh!
Amiya Melantha, let's go help Jessica! Prioritize taking out those special enemies, and create an advantage for our battle line!
Melantha Understood! Jessica, hang in there! I'll help you deal with them!
<Game unpaused>
[The player deploys Melantha to kill the upper-right Herald and Amiya to dispatch the Fighters and Sniper; after a tough fight, all enemies are eventually killed.]