Tutorial: TR-1

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<Game paused>
A few days ago...
Rhodes Island Combat Training Ground
Jessica Instructor Dobermann, I'm sorry...
PRTS Operator Jessica. According to the schedule, you're 3 minutes and 14 seconds late.
Jessica I'm so sorry! It took me some time to ready my equipment... What do I need to do next?
PRTS Operator Jessica, your new mission objective is to perform a combat drill simulating Dr. {nickname}'s behaviors.
Jessica Huh?? Me?
Dobermann The operation to rescue the doctor will be carried out in a few days. Now, we need a simulation based upon something representative of the actual situation.
I will show you some more advanced combat techniques. Those who participate in the operation will also be more familiar with these techniques so they can assist better.
Jessica I see...
Dobermann Jessica, deploy Yato and Rangers to engage the enemy.
<Game unpaused>
[(The player deploys Rangers and Yato) Rangers and Yato engages the incoming two Originium Slugs and a Soldier; Yato takes some hits from the Soldier but the two Operators managed to defeat them.]
<Game paused>
Dobermann You must have noticed that our Operators will lose HP when continuously engaged in combat. Without proper backup, they may fall on the battlefield.
<Hibiscus is available on the deployment menu and are highlighted> But don't worry, a Medic Operator, Hibiscus is already on standby. She can heal the HP of ally Operators.
<Hibiscus on the deployment menu is highlighted> Please deploy Hibiscus immediately to help our Operators on the front line.
<Game unpaused>
[The player deploys Hibiscus, who heals Yato and keeps her alive long enough for her and Rangers to dispatch the last two Soldiers.]