Tutorial: MN-TR-1

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[Scavenger and Vanilla are deployed just as a Nameless Independent Knight and Training Gloompincer spawns.]
<Game paused>
Whislash Alright, I shall be substituting for Dobermann today. This will be an "interesting" combat training. Ready?
Scavenger So it's a simulation of a Kazimierz knight competition... Fighting against great odds in a man-made landscape really does fit their style.
...But are those people really knights?
Vanilla They're just fans of knight sports making a cameo here. Look, even this gloompincer here––
Whislash That is an honest-to-god gloompincer, you know. Even though they're raised through far more humane methods in Rhodes Island.. They can still easily cleave through armor.
Vanilla Eh!? Noooo...!
Frostleaf Oh, come on. I'll deal with it!
<Game unpaused>
[Frostleaf is deployed behind Vanilla and helps her killing the Training Gloompincer whilst Scavenger takes care of the Nameless Independent Knight. A Sponsor Drone then spawns.]
<Game paused>
[The Sponsor Drone is highlighted.]
Scavenger A drone? It doesn't look like it's equipped with any weapon modules?
Whislash That is a Special Supply Crate for competitors sponsored by members of the audience. Each drone may carry different supplies, which you can obtain by beating it.
Also, since they are just additional supplies, they will not affect the Objective HP even if they fly away, so do as you wish.
May That's great, let me break them~ There must be tons of illegal goods in there~!
Perfumer I'll be in charge of healing. Everyone, please watch out for the gloompincers' claws!
<Game unpaused>
[May and Perfumer are deployed as another Sponsor Drone spawns. The latter heals the injured Scavenger and Vanilla while the latter attacks the first Sponsor Drone just as it enters her range, eventually destroying it and giving the player two Mieszko Coils to use; the second, however, managed to leave the map, but does not incur a Life Point loss upon leaving.]
<Game paused>
May Eh? Instructor, what's that weird thing with the suspicious aura?
[A pre-deployed Mieszko Coil is highlighted.]
Whislash That is a Mieszko Coil. It doesn't have any effect by itself. When there are other Coils in range, connected Coils become Activated. Activated Coils generate electric currents between them to attack enemies.
[The Mieszko Coils in the deployment menu is highlighted.]
Whislash Try deploying new Mieszko Coils to expand your terrain advantage. That's called tactics.
Scavenger It's up to you now, Doctor.
<Game unpaused>
[The player deploys the Mieszko Coils just as more enemies spawn; note that the Coils periodically generate an electric arc between them that harms and slows enemies in its wake, aiding the Operators in dispatching them.]