Operator dialogue: Highmore

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Appointed as Assistant If some work is beyond even your power, then how can I possibly take on a share?
Talk 1 That nightmare still comes to mind, even now. My life denied by some grand ecology... no, not denied. It would admit everything, it was more sublime than life itself... it made me feel shame at the selfishness of life.
Talk 2 I don't want to belittle the Medical Department's effort, but I don't believe life can be "cured" at root the same way a disease can. Human or Sea Terror, I'm doomed to live on as half-baked, and that's the price I pay for my own foolishness.
Talk 3 That special "collaborator" of yours is just something other right now, using biological function to imitate his old form. You should know that better than him, but you still want to find something in him? I hope you don't repeat my same mistake.
Talk after Promotion 1 I've felt safe in my time residing aboard the landship, even come to recognize it as something similar to home... You don't need to be concerned. Even if Iberia will never be a home to the Ægir, I'd never refuse to accomplish what I'm meant to there, such as we've agreed.
Talk after Promotion 2 Anything that seems to be given for free will eventually demand some price of you. That's the lesson I learned. And some of what you do appears to practically overturn that... I'll have to wait and see.
Talk after Trust Increase 1 You're wondering what this song is? It's just something my mother taught me when I was young. I didn't take much interest back then; I just spat perfunctory notes as I followed along. It was only after losing her, I realized... these melodies form one of the few things I still have to my name.
Talk after Trust Increase 2 An ignorant girl gives up her song, and gains naught but a dream snuffed as quickly as the foam in return. It sounds just like a fairytale, doesn't it? *chuckle* And the fact that such a stupid girl could be saved at the story's end... seems like a fairytale, too.
Talk after Trust Increase 3 You've helped me to recover my belief in the courage of other beings, so I hope you see this responsibility through. Lead those willing to follow you. See an end to these disasters that should never have befallen the innocent. Don't disappoint me.
Idle You see them in your dreams too, don't you? All those faces who've quietly left your life.
Onboard So, you'd be the "Doctor". I imagine I don't have much introduce about myself. The fact that I'm allowed to stand here implies you've read and approved all the files about me.
Watching Battle Record Maybe I shouldn't doubt the value of these records, like I did before.
Promotion 1 The more you seek from a power you should reject, the deeper you fall into it, until it engulfs your entire being. I'm sure you understand this.
Promotion 2 You wish to forge a space that can admit me, and hope for me to admit everything surrounding me...? An arrogant notion, truly. But maybe I could bear witness with you, until the day you give up.
Added to Squad It looks like we've gotten our approvals. It's time to go.
Appointed as Squad Leader I might bring their ruin, but only you can bring our victory.
Depart Let us reap those delusions and obsessions still immature.
Begin Operation I hear the sound of the flooding tide.
Selecting Operator 1 Do you have instructions for me?
Selecting Operator 2 Do I still have to wait?
Deployment 1 As you ask.
Deployment 2 I have no doubt.
In Battle 1 They have no position to evade.
In Battle 2 They have no power to withstand.
In Battle 3 They have no way to advance.
In Battle 4 They have no path to escape.
4-star Result Sometimes, your grasp of the surrounding situation makes me instinctually fearful. Yes, I believe you could make even Sea Terrors comprehend fear. So, do you intend to feel happy about this?
3-star Result The enemy waves have quelled. If you have no other tasks, I should leave immediately to undergo a "routine" inspection.
Sub 3-star Result Is your heart melting? Can enemies of this level be worth your indulgence?
Operation Failure We should go. Before the next wave has us drowned.
Assigned to Facility So this, too, is the place you promise I can belong.
Tap Did you need me?
Trust Tap This place might be more... calming than expected.
Greeting We still have some time, before the tide floods the soil beneath us.
Title Arknights.