Tutorial: CW-TR-1

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[Jessica is engaging an Arc Screenguard. Notice a circular object close to Jessica that moves downward not long after the operation starts and a golden ring with "D" on it, and Jessica attacking faster than usual.]
<Game paused>
Dobermann We're in the lab. Monitoring enemy communications.
Arc Screenguard Hey, what happened to the ground?
It was level just a moment ago, but now there's an unnatural slope...
Whatever, the enemy's right in front of us, advance!
<Game unpaused>
[The Arc Screenguard moves out, but are somehow slowed down while moving upward as Military Hounds join the fray.]
<Game paused>
Jessica The enemies... are having a hard time moving?
Dobermann The lab's defense systems can tilt the entire floor. It's like standing on a giant see-saw.
<The golden ring is highlighted> The floor is tilted down right now, causing us to be pulled down by gravity.
<The Screenguard is highlighted> To move up, the enemy must fight against gravity, slowing their movement speed. Heavier enemies are affected more.
<Game unpaused>
[Turns out the lab's artificial gravity, currently pointing downward, makes it difficult for the Screenguard to advance, as pointed out by Isaac Newton's law of motion: When a body is acted upon by a net force, the body's acceleration multiplied by its mass is equal to the net force.]
<Game paused>
Dobermann Meanwhile, our operators deployed in the direction of gravity, i.e.: downwards, gain increased ASPD.
Make use of the high ground to stop our foes!
Click That's why I'm here!
<Game unpaused>
[Click is deployed to support Jessica as the Screenguard steps on a red "UP" button on the floor, causing the object to move upward and the lab's gravity to point upwards, speeding him up. More Hounds and Screenguards show up.]
<Game paused>
Jessica The floor's spinning! Now the enemies are speeding up! What's going on?
Dobermann Analysis complete.
<The UP button is highlighted> An enemy with Weight 3 or higher has stepped on an Up Attitude Switch, causing the floor to rotate and tilting it up.
Enemies move slower upslope, but faster downslope. The effect on our side has also been reversed.
<The similar "DOWN" button, now known as a Gravity Switch, on the lower right side of the map is highlighted> On the other hand, operators with Block 1 or higher can also step on a switch.
Jessica I see! It's like a see-saw, falling toward the side that's stepped on!
Dobermann Exactly. Step on the switch and delay the attack before more enemies arrive!
Yato Leave it to me.
<Game unpaused>
[Yato is deployed on the DOWN Gravity Switch, changing the gravity to point upwards and slowing down the enemies again as the first Screenguard got blocked by Cardigan and Click defeats him and the Hounds. More Screenguards show up and one takes point, moving towards the UP button.]
<Game paused>
Jessica The enemy is going to step on the switch again!
Silence Don't worry. When a switch is currently being stood on, the opposite switch is disabled.
As long as we keep the switch on the bottom pressed, we can prevent the enemy from triggering the other.
We just need to ensure Operator Yato's safety.
Dobermann Perfect. Bring it on!
<The circular object is highlighted> In case you're ever unsure which way it's tilting, this Rock will slide along the inclination, showing the current direction of gravity.
<Game unpaused>
[Silence and Ethan are available for deployment. [The player deploys Ethan on the UP Switch and Silence with her range covering Yato] Ethan provides offensive support for Jessica and Click as Silence provides medical support on Yato to keep her alive from Hounds attacking her, allowing her to block the Screenguards from switching the gravity. Despite the Screenguards' high defenses that reduces as they got hit, the Operators managed to take them out.]