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Appointed as Assistant C'mon, I'm no good with paperwork. You sure you want me here in the office? I'd be better out in the field. Wouldn't you rather I brought home some wins?

Talk 1 I fight for the Infected. Life for our people is rough, anyone with eyes can see that. It's just that most people don't give a damn about our lives. But I do, I care a lot. We've got so many operators here counting on me, and I'm NOT about to let them down.

Talk 2 The reason I work for Rhodes Island? Because I've got nowhere better to be, naturally. But I've gotta be honest, I can't think of any place better than here. The pay's good, the medical treatment is cutting edge, and we've even got a cute little rabbit. It's just brilliant. What could be better?

Talk 3 I'm one of Rhodes Island's frontline breachers, I don't have powerful Arts that wipe the field, and it's not like my combat techniques could down a whole army. But, if I combine the two things I'm good at, then BOOM! You get quick results. I think that's what they call a chemical reaction.

Talk after Promotion 1 Amiya is one of the most talented fighters I've ever met. She keeps a clear head in any situation, and her Arts are enough to scare even me. You know, Doctor, I can't help but wonder, how did she get so good at fighting, as young as she is? Honestly, I wish she was picking up joyful, happy experiences, not the combat kind.

Talk after Promotion 2 If you need my help, no need to be shy – just say the word! You put your trust in me, and I return the favor. You command, I fight. It's symbiotic. Aw, look at us! We're the best partners in all Rhodes Island! Oh, don't tell Amiya I said that.

Talk after Trust Increase 1 The crew's been buzzing about who you used to be, before your memory loss. They were talking back before I even met you. It looks to me like you aren't the same person anymore. Soooo, I guess I'm talking about two different Doctors? Past Doctor and Present Doctor, hah!

Talk after Trust Increase 2 Dr. Kal'tsit says you're going to really shoulder responsibility for Rhodes Island someday. She saved my life, and I trust her. She also asked me to decide what kind of person you are for myself. And I'm going to do that, at least until Oripathy takes my life.

Talk after Trust Increase 3 Hey, Doctor, pass me that towel, would you? Yeah, just finished training. I need at least six hours every day to stay combat-ready. Gotta roll out whenever the order comes in, you know. Alright, I've kept you waiting long enough. So where are we going this time? If that's the plan, I guess you're picking up the tab?

Idle Would people get the wrong idea if I carried the Doctor to bed? Maybe I'm better off leaving well enough alone…

Onboard Rhodes Island Operator, Blaze, reporting in. Here, the authorization letter signed by Dr. Kal'tsit. Now I'm under your direct command. Alrighty, Doctor, let's show the other squads what we can do!

Watching Battle Record I've seen a lot of battles like this. But tougher times might still be ahead of us.

Promotion 1 Hehe, can you feel the air getting hotter? No? Reeaaally? Then I'd better kick things up a notch. Aww, I was trying to get you fired up.

Promotion 2 Us Rhodes Island Operators put all our trust in Amiya, Dr. Kal'tsit, and you, Present Doctor. Because you've never given up on any of us. Fighting for the Infected is the right thing to do. It's worth it, Doctor.

Added to Squad Time for combat? Count me in!

Appointed as Squad Leader Alright, I'm the leader, huh? I got this, I know all about wiping out hostiles!

Depart Us frontline breachers have high standards. Try to keep up!

Begin Operation It may be a little gruesome, but I love shredding steel and crushing bunkers!

Selecting Operator 1 You know, it wasn't easy learning high-temperature vapor dynamics!

Selecting Operator 2 Let me show you the chainsaw techniques the other elite operators taught me!

Deployment 1 This place could use some heat.

Deployment 2 Hear the roar of my chainsaw!

In Battle 1 Don't worry if you see fire, that's just a side effect!

In Battle 2 Surrender now if you don't want to get sawed in half!

In Battle 3 My blood's only gonna make this place hotter!

In Battle 4 Fresh blood coats my saw, and boils the whole battlefield!

4-star Result No sacrifice is meaningless, and no victory comes without a cost.

3-star Result The rights of the Infected will only be won by the actions of the Infected!

Sub 3-star Result Let's work harder next time. We can always do better, right?

Operation Failure Let's just say luck wasn't on our side this time.

Assigned to Facility Any new facilities at Rhodes Island this time?

Tap Hey, knock that off!

Trust Tap Wait a second! I'm way too sweaty!

Greeting Doctor, when are we heading out on our next mission?

Title Arknights.