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A brash, hot-headed Feline of Yanese-Victorian lineage and one of Rhodes Island's Elite Ops, Blaze is known among her colleagues for her impressive track record and dedication to the Infected cause. Her feats have inspired some R.I. personnel, though for others, her methods are simply viewed as "brute force" personified. Still, Blaze is a valuable asset for R.I. due to her mastery over Originium Arts manifesting as combustible blood channeled into her weapon, a tactical chainsaw with an optional "extension" (in the form of a pole stick) capable of eviscerating anything in her way.

Blaze's background and family has been a particular mystery. But her family was known to be involved in a mysterious murder spree in Yan that had been a very tricky case to both Blaze herself and the mandarins of the imperial court. Her Yanese father was accused to be involved of the murder, but in reality, he was never involved of it but was in Victoria back then, and the incident immediately turned him into a fugitive who will never return to Yan upon his death. To make it more complicating, the officer who investigated the case was later imprisoned without reasons, and all the records regarding the crime was lost to a great fire. As a consequence, she has been kept strict surveillance by Leizi who vows to resolve such complicating legal case.

Blaze makes a short appearance near the end of Episodes 05, 08, and 09, and acts as a supporting character in Episode 06. She is a supporting character in The Great Chief Returns.

Episode 05

Blaze using her combustible blood to expose the Phantom Crossbowmen

Episode 06

Blaze observing the Reunion fighters from a nearby building
"Is it hot in here... or is it just me?"
Blaze airdropping herself right into the Yeti Squadron... without a parachute, no less

Episode 08

Episode 09

The Great Chief Returns

Blaze in a tropical swimsuit during the Acahualla fiasco

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