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A Caprinae priestess of a polytheistic religion hailing all the way from the vast, remote deserts of Sargon, Ankhesena approached Rhodes Island in search of her sister, known to R.I. as Carnelian, who had left her homeland to travel around Terra. Since Carnelian is away on an adventure by the time Beeswax gets in touch with R.I., she decides to stay in R.I. while waiting for her sister's return. As an R.I. operator under the codename "Beeswax," she could utilizes her faith to the gods which manifests in form of geokinetic Arts.


Beeswax is a 5★ Phalanx Caster who specializes in AoE and Defense. What defines Beeswax as a Phalanx Caster is that she will only attack while her skill is active, dealing Arts damage to all enemies within the surrounding tiles or a radius of 2 tiles around her from Elite 1; to offset this quirk, Beeswax's DEF and RES is tripled and increased by 20, respectively, while her skill is not active.


Shambhala's Sanctuary gives Beeswax HP regeneration while her skill is not active.


  1. Growing Sandstorm extends Beeswax's range to the surrounding tiles with 3-tile extensions in all four cardinal directions and buffs her ATK.
  2. Guardian Obelisk has Beeswax summon a Sand Obelisk next to a ground enemy within range, which damages and Stuns enemies around it upon appearing, and lasts until the skill expires or Beeswax leaves the map, whichever comes first.
    • The Obelisk can block up to three enemies and has surprisingly good HP and DEF, making it a very effective tool in stopping enemies and leaving them vulnerable to Beeswax's channeling Arts attack, as well as acting as a makeshift substitute for Protector Defenders in a pinch.
    • Do note that the Obelisk will not be summoned if there is no ground enemy present within Beeswax's range when Guardian Obelisk is activated.

Operator Module

The PLX-X Module, Beeswax's Blessing, increases the buffs from Beeswax's trait to 215% DEF and 25 RES, and instead of being disabled, the buff remains with reduced effectiveness (100% DEF and 10 RES) while her skill is active in addition to increasing her maximum HP and ATK. Once upgraded, Shambhala's Sanctuary now also increases Beeswax's maximum HP.

Base skill

Caster Expert α speed up the skill Mastery training of Casters by 30% while Beeswax is assigned as the trainer in the Training Room. At Elite 2, Caster Expert α becomes Caster Expert β with a higher training speed boost of 50%.


Beeswax is a good introduction to the Phalanx Casters who can lay waste to enemies with the power of the desert and the blessing of the gods protecting her from harm when she is not using her Arts.