Operator dialogue: Beeswax

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Appointed as Assistant Doctor, you'll be working hard today? Then, I'll stay with you. If you slack off, then I'll use this stick... Like this... and give you a smack on the head. Bonk, bonk.
Talk 1 Beeswax, Beeswax, Beeswax... Mm, okay. I should get used to it after reading it a few more times. Oh, Doctor, do you need something? I'm just trying to get used to hearing my code name... so I don't overreact and get made fun of when others call me.
Talk 2 This bug... Mister Midnight seemed very scared of it and jumped up into the air as soon as he saw it, so I helped him catch it. But, where should we put it now... Um, Doctor, why are you backing away?
Talk 3 My clothes are a bit big, so I feel at ease when drape over my body. I like that sensation. But, sometimes, I'll accidentally step on them— Uu, uwah, ahh...! ...Fweh, I tripped again... Ow...
Talk after Promotion 1 The new piece the Folk Song Association put out this month is my new favorite song. Oh, you've never heard of them before, Doctor? The full name is the Folk Song and Originium Arts Research Association... Still haven't heard about it? What about the Electronic Arts Alliance? How about the Rap and Folk Joint Vantage? Haven't heard of any of them?
Talk after Promotion 2 The mark on my head? Ah... this is a ceremonial seal passed down from generation to generation in my tribe, and it is a symbol of our Golden Gods' blessings towards our tribe and our peoples. The faceless gods will protect us, no matter where we go, whether or not we remember them......
Talk after Trust Increase 1 Leaving the tribe and traveling to other city-states and countries is a trial of passage that all the members of our tribe must go through. Only by successfully passing it can one become a full-fledged adult like my sister. Um, Doctor, you don't think I'll run into any problems, right?
Talk after Trust Increase 2 Hehe, my horns are big and pretty, right? There aren't many people in the tribe whose horns can compare to mine! The secret to maintaining them is to apply essential oils once a day, gently massage them with a soft brush— W-wait, doctor, I haven't finished today's maintenance yet, you can't just touch them like that!
Talk after Trust Increase 3 Doctor, please come here. Mm, okay, close your eyes, and let me touch your forehead. The scorching sun, the raging storm, and waves of golden sand washing across the desert. The gods set foot upon the land where we were nurtured, and bestowed our tribe with their blessings. Now, I will share this blessing with you, Doctor.
Idle Zz... zzz... Sister... you dummy... zzz... mm... H-huh, Doctor? I feel asleep...? Sleeptalking? Did I say something?
Onboard Hmm... Wah, excuse me, I let my mind wander. Hello, Doctor, I am, my code name is... Umm... Ah, I remember! It's Beeswax. Do you like it? My tribe helped decide it for me.
Watching Battle Record Hm...? I have to watch all of this?
Promotion 1 Promotion? Mm... I don't quite understand.
Promotion 2 Doctor, perhaps the path that lies ahead for Rhodes Island is destined to be long and difficult, but please remember, the gods' decrees and my blessings... will always be with you.
Added to Squad Where are we going this time?
Appointed as Squad Leader I'm the leader...? Even though I'm not sure how you select your team leaders, I'll try my best.
Depart Well then, let's go.
Begin Operation Someone's over there. Everyone, please be careful.
Selecting Operator 1 Yes, I'm here.
Selecting Operator 2 How can I help?
Deployment 1 Over here? Leave it to me.
Deployment 2 The land beneath my feet is the domain of the gods.
In Battle 1 Devour them.
In Battle 2 Crush them.
In Battle 3 Sleep beneath the golden sands.
In Battle 4 This is the blessing of the gods.
4-star Result May they also receive the blessing of the gods......
3-star Result Phew... It's over. Doctor, was I able to be of use?
Sub 3-star Result Ooh, they got away! Mm... but I guess that's fine?
Operation Failure We can't do this anymore, Doctor. I'll hold the enemies back, so please escape!
Assigned to Facility What a beautiful room... It'd be troublesome if I accidentally spilled sand over it, right?
Tap W-woah... I stepped on my clothes again...
Trust Tap Ah, Doctor, please look at this! I caught another bug~!
Greeting Doctor, I've been waiting.
Title Arknights.