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In Arknights, Ash is a 6★ Marksman Sniper who specializes in DPS and is only available from the Attack, Defence, Tactical Collide headhunting banner, part of Operation Originium Dust – the crossover between Rainbow Six Siege and Arknights. She will never be available from any other banners and the "pity" system from other banners are not carried over to Attack, Defence, Tactical Collide; unlike in other limited banners, Ash have a 50% chance to be the 6★ that appears in a pull as in regular banners; to compensate that, Ash is guaranteed to appear in any of the first 120 pulls within the banner.

As a Marksman Sniper, Ash uses the 5.7 USG handgun which gives her a range of 3×3 tiles with a 1-tile extension up front that is improved to 3×4 tiles at Elite 1. She also targets aerial enemies over ground ones when attacking and possesses good ATK, low attack interval, decent HP and DEF, and low DP cost relative to other Snipers.


  1. Auxiliary Equipment has Ash throw a stun grenade to an enemy within her range when deployed that temporarily Stuns enemies in the surrounding tiles to the point of impact.
  2. Breaching Specialist reduces Ash's DP cost by 3 and has her restore some SP when deployed for the first time (and only the first time) in an operation.


  1. Supporting Fire has Ash use the R4-C assault rifle which permanently buffs her ATK and makes her attacks deal two hits once charged.
  2. Assault Tactics immediately activates Auxiliary Equipment and has Ash use the R4-C assault rifle with 31 bullets (matching with that of the R4-C's magazine size including the chambered round in R6S) which greatly reduces her attack interval and makes her attacks deal more damage against Stunned enemies.
    • Assault Tactics allows Ash to quickly dispatch elites and bosses (unless if they are immune to Stun) and synergizes well with other Operators that can Stun enemies by allowing Ash to inflict massive damage, and Ash can save Assault Tactics for when it is needed and then "reloads" it when the area is clear, thanks to the skill's decent uptime.
  3. Breaching Rounds has Ash fire an M120 CREM that flies in a narrow range covering the four tiles ahead of her, which deals heavy Physical damage to enemies it comes in contact with and pushes them back with a force of 1 (2 from Level 7). The CREM will explode once it reaches the edge of its range or hits a melee tile that is adjacent to a ranged tile, dealing more damage over the surrounding tiles from the point on impact which is doubled in the latter case. As in R6S, Ash can only use Breaching Rounds twice in each deployment.
    • Breaching Rounds allow Ash to act as a makeshift Push Stroker Specialist who can also inflict heavy damage to the victims (rather than breaching through walls as she does back on Earth), and when Ash is positioned correctly, Breaching Rounds can inflict massive damage, not to mention that its shift effect can blast them away from frontliners!

Operator Module

The MAR-Y Module, Tactical Breaching Round Pack, increases Ash's ASPD by 8 if there are ground enemies within her range in addition to increasing her maximum HP and ATK. Once upgraded, Breaching Specialist's DP cost reduction is increased.

Base skills

Ash's base skills improve Control Center efficiency while she is assigned there.

  1. Team Rainbow has Operators in the Control Center (including Ash herself) recover 0.05 morale per hour for every Team Rainbow Operator there (also including Ash herself), which stacks with other similar base skills (including itself!).
  2. Intelligence Reserve provides 1 of the namesake for every Team Rainbow Operator (including Ash herself) in the Control Center.


Ash is just as she is in R6S and a solid Marksman Sniper who can inflict massive damage to even the strongest of enemies when used correctly. She does make a killer entrance all the time.