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Operator Eliza "Ash" Cohen from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege now joins Arknights as the leader of Team Rainbow, utilizes her signature M120 CREM Breaching Rounds to blast through even the most well-armored of enemies and makes the way for Rhodes Island to win the day!

Along with Blitz, Frost, and Tachanka, Ash is one of the Team Rainbow Operators who was inadverdently transported into Terra following the Watchtower 33 Incident. As Team Rainbow travelled across the alien yet familiar world and witnessed the horrors faced by the Terrans first-hand, even the normally calm and reserved Ash can't stand idly upon such sight. Nevertheless, she is able to keep herself together with help from her teammates. After completing their mission anyway with aid from R.I., Ash and her fellow Rainbow Operators continue to travel across Terra to find a way back to Earth, but sometimes they will lend their hands to R.I. when needed.

Ash is one of the protagonists of Operation Originium Dust.

Side Stories

Operation Originium Dust