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A rude and unruly Rim Billitoner Savran explorer, Asbestos contracted Oripathy during one of her expeditions and went to Rhodes Island for treatment under the recommendation of her fellow explorer and best friend Magallan. In return, she (half-heartedly) lent her expertise and knowledge as a field combatant for R.I., utilizing a rather unusual shield that also acts as an Arts catalyst to protect her allies and dispatch her enemies.


Asbestos is a 5★ Arts Protector Defender who specializes in DPS. As an Arts Protector Defender, Asbestos trades some of her HP and DEF for higher ATK when compared to Protector Defenders and innate RES which increases in each promotion (5 base, 10 at Elite 1, 15 at Elite 2), and her attacks will deal Arts damage instead of Physical while her skill is active, giving her an edge against enemies with high DEF and low/no RES. Like Protector Defenders, Asbestos can block up to three enemies and has a short range of the tile she is on.


Moist Skin buffs Asbestos' RES and has her restore SP whenever she is hit by normal Arts attacks from enemies.


  1. Resilient Mode causes Asbestos to dodge the first (and only the first) instance of Arts damage she takes and reduces the Arts damage she took while active.
  2. Thermal Power Mode buffs Asbestos' ATK and DEF, extends her range to 2×3 tiles ahead of her with a 1-tile extension up front from Mastery 1, and makes her attacks deal splash damage affecting enemies adjacent to the target, but increases her attack interval while active.
    • With a decent uptime, Thermal Power Mode both extends Asbestos' reach and makes her behave almost identically to Splash Casters (notwithstanding the fact that she is a melee Operator) with better survivability especially against Physical damage.

Base skills

Asbestors' base skills improve Factory production efficiency while she is assigned to one.

  1. Maverick increases productivity by 25% but reduces capacity by 12 and increases Asbestos' morale drain rate by 0.25 per hour.
  2. Explorer increases capacity by 16 (effectively increasing capacity by 4 due to Maverick) and reduces Asbestos' morale drain rate by 0.25 per hour (which counteracts Maverick's morale drain rate increase).


Asbestos is a solid Arts Protector Defender who can not only tank enemy attacks, especially Arts, but also punishes them with melee splash Arts attacks, literally fighting fire with fire.