Event trivia: The Great Chief Returns

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  • The promotional artworks, interface, and Path to Glory medal set displays the event's English name as Gavial the Great Chief Returns. However, the original Chinese title is the same but does not refer to Gavial, which is why the official English localization omits "Gavial" from the title.
  • In the CN server, the rerun of RI precedes Dossoles Holiday. In Global, it along with Vigilo is rescheduled to succeed DH in order for it to be released around Global's 2nd anniversary date of January 16, 2022.
  • Due to a controversy regarding Thorns' introduction in the rerun of Heart of Surging Flame in CN (see OF's Trivia), the Unbound Reflux headhunting banner is rerunned in RI's CN release with all players also receiving a Ten-roll Headhunting Permit.png Ten-roll Headhunting Permit as an apology.
    • EN RI Downloads Commemoration.png
      Global also gives out the Ten-roll Headhunting Permit in February 25, 2021 as a gratitude for over 10 million downloads on both Android and iOS, while TW receives it in the rerun of OF as a gratitude for over 1.2 million downloads.
  • The tips of all Gavial's Footprints operations start with "Beware, for..."
  • Due to a glitch, the "Tomimi's Respect" medal are not awarded for players who added Tomimi into their roster during the rerun of RI on Global. This was fixed on a patch in February 17, 2022.[1]