Tutorial: TR-13

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[(The player deploys Fang and Lava to hold off the incoming Hounds and Originium Slugs α until a Senior Caster spawns from the bottom-right Incursion Point) The Senior Caster is highlighted.]
Dobermann This enemy caster can deal heavy AoE damage. If we aren't careful, he can crush our defenses in a heartbeat.
When facing an enemy like this, a very effective strategy is to intercept him before he arrives at our main forces.
Jessica Madam Dobermann, I can do that –
[Melantha on the deployment bar is highlighted.]
Dobermann Melantha, a Guard Operator, is a very good fit for this job. She has high HP and attack, and can only block one enemy unit. As a result, other units will not be able to distract her.
[The Senior Caster is highlighted again.]
Dobermann Please deploy Melantha before the enemy caster reaches our main forces. Jessica, you should attack targets from range when appropriate.
Jessica O-okay...
[(The player quickly deploys Melantha at the Senior Caster's position along with Jessica close by, both of whom keeps the Senior Caster busy long enough for Fang and Lava to dispatch the rest of the enemies which also included Soldiers, and eventually kills them)]