Tutorial: TR-12

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[(A Senior Caster spawns) The Senior Caster is highlighted.]
Jessica Ahh! That special appearance means... that Reunion member is extremely dangerous!
Dobermann Yes, this enemy caster's attack can hit our Operators in four adjacent tiles. It poses a serious threat to us.
[The open tiles are highlighted.]
Dobermann Doctor, this is a test for your commanding capabilities. Spread out our Operators to minimize the enemy's damage.
Jessica Doctor... Please let me join the battle too.
Dobermann You must not push yourself too hard, Jessica. Your ammunition needs to be finely processed from Originium, and it’s hard for us to come by.
Jessica Oh, okay! But I have done a lot of preparation in order to boost my confidence... I put aside some money that I would spend on snacks long ago, and bought a whole crate of etched ammo with it.
Dobermann ...
What kind of snacks have you been eating?!
[(The player deploys Hibiscus, Jessica, and Plume away from each other, preventing them from being caught in the Senior Caster's AoE attacks and allows them to dispatch the enemy)]